Wednesday, July 27, 2011

on a dream job.

pretty pumped i didn't work in the era of smoking in offices. via here.
usually when people ask me how i'm doing or how my day is going, i answer with the same sarcastic barb, "oh, you know. just livin' the dream". but secretly...i kind of am. my current job is my third in the city, fourth if you count my internship. i quit two jobs to get here, both much earlier than i would have liked to. but certain circumstances led to certain decisions, and certain plans i had, well, life just plain old didn't agree with them (imagine that!) but through some hard work and knowing someone, who knows someone, who knows that person, i got to my current job. when i got my offer it was less money, more hours, and i wasn't sure if the job would ruin my work-life balance. but i went with my gut, as they always say to do. it was, most likely, going to be my only chance to have a job like this. with the encouragement of the boy and my parents, i said yes and never looked back. all day i get to analyze, write, form opinions, and talk to people from all over. it's a few of my favorite things wrapped into one. and while i know this may not always be my dream job, when i walk to work early in the morning, one of the few people on the street, and the air is crisp and the sun is shining on the empire state building, i secretly think to myself:
wow. i am living my dream. only took 20+ years to figure it out.
do you work in your dream job? do you even know what your dream job is (the hardest part of it all, figuring it out!)? have you ever gone with your gut? were you right? were you wrong? i'm so interested to know what different walks of life my readers come from.


  1. I don't have my dream job yet, right now I'm just working to pay for school! But my dream job would is to be a stylist for Teen Vogue. Hey, if Lauren Conrad can do it, so can I :)

  2. How exciting that you have your dream job! I definitely am not in mine, nor do I think I will ever have it..all of my career plans changed when I got married and we moved!

  3. First, I'm really glad smoking isn't allowed a lot of places today. I used to smoke socially, and then a switch was flipped and now I HATE it. I will speed walk on the sidewalk to get past someone who is smoking, and the thought of smoking in offices is just beyone what I can comprehend! So yeah, I'm glad we're past that era!

    I have no idea what my dream is. I'm six years out of college, and have already tried about a billion careers. Thankfully, I'm really happy with my current gig, working at Whole Foods. It was trusting my gut, in terms of pay and the non-glam aspect of it, but I'm happier working there than I've been in a long time!

  4. So happy that you are so happy :) crossing my fingers that I eventually find that dream job as well...thanks for the encouraging post!

  5. so inspiring. thanks for another wonderful post.New outfit post. Lunch in Beverly Hills. Would love if you'd check it out. Thanks love. xoxo

  6. Wow, congrats for living the dream!
    I'm not sure what my dream job is, but I have all of college ahead of me to figure that out. It will definiely involve writing. I guess once I see my name in a byline in the New Yorker, I'm where I'd love to be...

  7. erin - your little story was one of the inspirations for this. i love that you truly followed your heart into the job you wanted.

    jbot - i love you :) thanks for visting my blog!

    blue - having a tangible goal is the start. and who knows - our dreams change all the time, but i do believe for a little part of our lives we should all get to experience that feeling.


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