Monday, July 18, 2011

on a fun recipe.

usually in my quest for a new recipe i'll head back to old faithful - the food network. i usually check out their healthy recipe section, and i found this, which i made last night.
food network version.
it was very easy to make and definitely one i will repeat. i know some people might find it a bit odd to put a can of tuna in pasta, but another classic pasta recipe that i love calls for the same thing. (the key is to get the tuna in olive oil, not water, as the recipe states, too). on study abroad i made many friends from italy who were also studying in denmark, and they always cooked recipes similar to these, so i fully trust dishes that call for this ingredient. (hey, the natives do it!) 
my favorite thing about this recipe, though? that they tell you to crush the tomatoes with your hands into the pan. i know it's a bit silly, but when was the last time you got to play with your food and for a good reason? perhaps i'm easily amused, but i had a grand old time getting to crush them all up.
below is my version.

i love how different the stuff i cook looks from the pictures that accompany recipes. it always tastes good though, and that's what counts!


  1. It looks delcious! I'm very hungry right now and this isnt helping!

    Thank you for the sweet blog visit! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Aaah, this looks amazing! I am deeply in love with pasta (as you know, haha).

  3. Yes the Food Network is a great go to place for recipes! Your foodie pic turned out great!.

  4. lindsay - thanks! and yes, the food network is great.

    jenna lee - thanks! you too!

  5. That's sweet that you crush the tomato with your hand! so fun.

  6. that looks absolutely delicious - how do they even get the pictures to look that good?! mine never look the same xx

  7. Ooo, I didn't even know they had a healthy section. Good to know!

  8. mm this looks like a dish i could enjoy about three nights a week ha. yum.


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