Friday, July 1, 2011

on going home again.

they say you can't go home again. and i suppose there's some truth to that. but i think what it really means is that you can't go back to your childhood. that simple things that once gave you joy can be harder to appreciate. that once a sense of our innocence leaves us, it never quite comes back. that things still go on while you're gone. places change and grow just as much as you do in your time away. but home can take on multiple meanings and feelings, and be a lot of different places. when i fly into la guardia and see the skyline, i feel safe. i feel at home. when the amazing green of tennessee comes into view and we descend into nashville, i feel a sense of relief. i feel at home. when i'd go back to denmark, the country i studied abroad in, from whatever weekend adventure i had been on, i felt at home. i mean, at least i was going back to hearing an unfamiliar language i had gotten used to hearing.
but my first home, and the place that is first in my heart, is virginia. i. love. virginia. and yes, i think it's the best state in the union. there, i said it, it's out there. yes, i think my state is better than yours.
and i bet you think yours is better than mine and we can agree to disagree.
and swap local restaurant recommendations.
please and thank you.
my parents moved when i was in college, so i don't technically go to my childhood home, but they moved within virginia. and all of virginia feels like home to me. so my excitement has been building for a few weeks now.
wine-filled nights.
afternoons by the pool.
visits to vineyards.
stopping by my favorite restaurants.
virginia or bust, kids.
what are you doing with your holiday weekend? 


  1. have fun in good ol' VA this weekend! we're actually leaving virginia to head out west for the week. and i agree with you, i like virginia too :)

  2. sherri lynn - i love that you live in virginia! yay - i didn't know this. have fun out west, i'm sure it will be beautiful. i'll have fun in virginia for you!

  3. My holiday weekend will be spent working, but we're headed to my birth state, California, in a week! I really mostly grew up in Colorado, though, and since college my parents have moved a few times. First, they spent five years in Europe, then two in St Louis, and in a few weeks they'll be moving again, to South Dakota. So you see why I mostly just say I'm "from Colorado, and call Chicago home"... the rest of my description is too complicated! I do have fond memories of my elementary school years being spent in Leesburg, VA, too :)

  4. I visited VA last summer and loved it!

    My weekend will mostly consist of family get togethers, I am so happy that I got my grocery shopping and errands done last night so I can enjoy the weekend!

    oh and thanks for the uplifting comment-- I'm glad to hear it from your perspective and that in the end student loans and all that frustration will be worth it. It's been really hard to make myself go to school when a lot of my friends and peers are telling me just to drop out now that I am married.

  5. have such a great weekend in virginia!

  6. erin - i remember you saying you spent some time in va. woot woot! you areally are from all over!

    mikelle - i'm glad it helped! and whatever you do, do not drop out! no matter what happens in life, your education stays with you forever and can always open doors. it's an incredible tool - by all means get your degree. i know you can do it girl!

    amy and suzzie - thank so much! i'm so excited - i hope ya'll have great weekends too!

  7. I love your thoughts! It's always a nice breather from my day to reflect! Have a fantastic weekend, Colleen!


    Erin @

  8. this is written so beautifully !! hope you have a great holiday weekend

    stop by sometime<3


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