Thursday, July 7, 2011

on local wine.

ok - disclaimer: i promise this is the las time i talk about virginia like it's the land of milk and honey. for realz. until i go back, of course.
alright, moving on! one of my favorite activities to partake in when i visit my parents is wine tasting. virginia has some amazing wine in the region we live in, and if you're on the east coast and hankering for a trip to california or oregon's wine countries but it won't fit into your budget, i strongly encourage you to consider a trip to virginia. i've found that most wine regions i've gone to are beautiful and attract tasty restaurants, which makes for a perfect trip. virginia's is no different.
virginia vineyards.
the monticello wine trail is a good source of information to start, and lists all of the nearby vineyards, some of my favorites being: king family vineyards, cardinal point, keswick vineyards and pollak vineyards.
the cardinal point vineyards' cat. the soundest sleeper i've ever come across in my days.
of course it would be easier to believe my bias if you could try some virginia wine in your home before making the trip there, and it irks me that it's so hard to find. i finally asked one of the vineyard owners why this is, and the explanation is quite simple - states have laws against importing wines from other states. there are vineyards in every state (every one! i'm looking at you iowa!) and they want to promote their states' wine for obvious tax and revenue reasons.
sidenote: maryland just repealed this law.
keep your eyes out for wines from all sorts of states marylandites!
if that's even what you're called.
ok, i mused, but why all the wine from california and oregon then, right? i mean, that's in almost all wine stores now. and it was further explained to me that those states wine industries have been around much longer, have very powerful lobbyists, and are able to find their way onto your grocery or liquor store shelves. ok, great, i love those states' wine, but with all my trips to virginia, i wonder what else i could be missing out on.
ready to eat with a glass of wine at the ready.
since virginia's vineyards only started getting serious in the 90's, well, they've got some way to go in order to reach prominence, but not in taste. the region is known for it's cabernet francs, but i love the pinot gris and red blends, too. every single vineyard i've been to has made wine that i would, and have, bought after tasting. new york's wine on the other hand, i wouldn't really recommend. i admit, i haven't been to the finger lakes region where the cream of the crop is supposed to exist, but my day trip wine tour on long island was very disappointing (however, i still managed to get a little frisky. so it's not that bad). and this vineyard by the boy was good, but this one was probably the worst i've ever been to (nice people, bad wine).
truer words have never been spoken.
what i'm trying to say is - i don't really think i'm that biased (because i love new york, too, just not it's wine). virginia wine, and the region i specifically visit, will rock your face off. and if you want to get away without paying for the ticket to california, then come on down to sweet virginia. and drink up.


  1. I love the photo of the cat nap! (hehe) I like to think he had a little too much wine. :)

    You don't have to stop talking about Virginia. You're giving me ideas for things to do when we visit...besides avoiding my MIL.

    Oops. Did I say that out loud?

  2. Love this post but that is likely because I am from Batesville. Have you been to KFV on Sunday and watched the polo matches?

  3. that cat is adorable! how were you able to leave it alone? no cat is safe when I'm around.

    x jill

  4. alana - you crack me up! i like to think he had to much wine, too!

    noodles and waffles - unfortunately no :( my aprents have gone and said it's great - although i did get to meet a few horses while i was there, which made me happy. yay for being from virginia!

    jill - it was hard, but we resisted. he just looked so cute sleeping so soundly.

  5. hey! Thanks for your comment :D

  6. I love all this Virginia talk! I'm from Northern VA, but I do agree that there are some great wineries. :)


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