Tuesday, July 12, 2011

on stopping to smell the roses.

one of my favorite things about new york city is walking everywhere. there's something new to see everyday, people to observe, and (at least in the mornings) fresh air to take in. while visiting the boy this weekend we decided to walk to go get our hot dogs since he lives in a pretty walkable town / city. even though most nights when we go out to dinner we'll walk, as often happens when it's available, we'll take a car to go a mile down the road. so we decided - hey, let's walk! like it was a novel idea no one had ever had before. we were quite proud of ourselves.
so off we went in search of hot dogs, and, being as it is the summer time, we ran into a lemonade stand right away (where friendship bracelets and beanie babies were also being sold. quite the little entrepreneur, that one). being the big spender he is, the boy paid for our dollar worth of lemonade with a ten spot. and left a dollar tip. as we walked away we heard the little girl whisper "guys, guys, that man gave me A TEN DOLLAR BILL". that's right. the boy is considered a man by some people. and, yes, a ten dollar bill can still impress some people out there, particularly those in the under-10 set.
so - off we went again! we found our hot dogs, as you know from the previous post, and started to head back home to the air conditioning. along our way we came across those amazing gardenias, pictured above. they are one of my favorite flowers - so colorful and big and floppy. i just love them. and then we turned the corner, and saw this.
a baby bunny rabbit! i cannot remember the last time i saw a baby bunny. it was beyond adorable.
so, all in all, we got hot dogs, some sun, some fresh air, came across beautiful flowers, a baby bunny, and the little girl down the street pretty much thinks i'm dating p. diddy. so yeah. now we'll be walking more often.


  1. I loved this post! How fun you know you totally made that little girl's day! We love walking in the evenings. There's usually not too much to see, but I love when we do see the fireflies, or stop and smell the honeysuckle. It's the little things, right?!

  2. That is soo cute! I remember my lemonade stands in the summer! I think we made $10 the whole week! haha That baby bunny is adorable too!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  3. OH MY GOSH! I love that little bunny! Such a sweet flower pic, too!


  4. sherri and erin - i know that little girl was too cute.

  5. Oh gosh, love the bunny. Too cute. Sounds like you had quite a little adventure:)


  6. Such a cute post! I would love the see a lemonade stand - I have only ever seen them in the movies! How deprived is that?

  7. Those flowers are gorgeous! There is a house nearby with tons of flowers planted on the front lawn, and there's a sign that says "Please stop and smell the flowers", it's the most beautiful thing!

  8. Oh cute! The rabbit looks so fun! I just want to take it home.


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