Wednesday, July 6, 2011

on virginia.

as was expected, the weekend was wonderful. i've been busy catching up on work and doing laundry tonight, so this will mostly be a pictures post. however, i know you guys love those anyway. shall we take a look at the highlights?!
we shall! 
beautiful virginia fields.
a picnic with cold baked "fried" chicken
a perfect wine tasting partner.
an american breakfast, both in colors and what was served.
margaritas by the pool.
along with a true american beer.
a popsicle on a warm summer day. red, white and blue, of course.
an impromptu smore making session.
my favorite summer dessert. 
i hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend and were able to enjoy all the summer has to offer.


  1. This whole weekend looks pretty good to me. Especially the margarita! Glad you enjoyed your fourth :)

  2. S'mores!!! I get really excited when I see s'mores.

    Looks like a pretty awesome weekend. Drinks by the pool are so wonderfully summer.

  3. annelise - thank you! and yes, the marg was exceptional :)

    jillian - me too! i just love smores.

    closet cravings - haha, my thoughts exactly. and today is national fried chicken day - how appropriate!

  4. Yeah, you had me at smores. The perfect summertime food. Looks like a grat weekend.

  5. My husband is from Virginia! I've only been there once (to meet his family last year) but I liked what I saw.

    We're going to visit sometime so his family can throw us a reception. We should coordinate schedules. :) Do you visit often?

  6. alana - isn't fun to say your *husband* ;)

  7. Looks like a fun weekend! Glad you were able to just relax and soak up VA. I remember it as such a beatiful state!


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