Tuesday, August 30, 2011

on track fashion.

this  past weekend was the big traver's weekend in the town my boyfriend lives, and luckily for us it was a beautiful day. irene hadn't hit yet and the day was sunny with a breeze. days at the track are spent watching horses (my favorite), having a few drinks and trying to the beat the heat. it's best done with an airy outfit and a large hat.
skirt: forever 21, shirt: forever 21, shoes: steve madden.
and we can't forget where i got this wonderful hat from, now can we?
hat: walmart. where i'm sure kate middleton duchess catherine gets hers, too.
i'm no fashion blogger (obviously), and i have no idea how they look so normal and natural in their pictures. whenever i do a post like this we like to think of a ridiculous staged picture that we can take - here it is. it gave us a good laugh. 
oh don't mind me. just smelling a lovely flower.
but let's not forget the real reason we go to the track. not for the fashion, but for the shake shack.
this shake shack is the track's dirty little secret. it was the first shake shack outside of nyc and it never. has. a. line. ever! because going to the track is day-long event where everyone eats at different times and sometimes bring their own, it never has a line. it's the greatest. but no, really, here is why we went to the track.
horses horses horses. all horses are beautiful but racehorses are really something else. it's great to spend a day watching them. although they're no match for my favorite horse in saratoga.
my yearly horsehead-cupcake-cake.
all in all it was a wonderful weekend - i hope yours was the same.


  1. Love the outfit!

    Would you believe I have never been to Shake Shack?! I used to pass it every single day for four years! And still, I just couldn't fathom waiting on those ridiculous lines. Still can't. But I vow to try it soon. Maybe not today, but soon!

  2. Fabulous outfit! How freaking awesome is your Walmart hat!? So stylish! I've never had a day at the races before, I am obviously missing out!

  3. jillian - girl, you have to get on that! i think the madison square park location is the worst, perhaps try the UWS? you won't regret it!

    meghan - thanks! and yes, a day at the races is a must - it's always so much fun!

  4. You look adoarable, and I agree that it's impossible to take cute outfit pictures that don't look staged/silly! I've had friends go to the racetrack here, but I haven't made it myself yet. Sounds fun!

  5. You look great! I laughed at your trying to take an outfit picture without looking awkward - how do those fashion bloggers do it?! This shake shack sounds amazing - AND I've always wanted to go to a racetrack! Wearing a hat, of course.

  6. Love your outfit, and yes, that is a really great hat! Oh my, if I had a dollar for every time I felt awkward trying to take an outfit photo...well, I'd have enough to fund a new wardrobe.


  7. I love the hat! You wear it very well. I have total Shake Shack envy now. And that horse cake...cupcake cake....it looks too good to eat!

    I think you already saw the blog award I gave you this morning. You really deserve it!


  8. I love your beautiful, classic look! The hat is a cute addition for the races! Also, that cupcake cake---YUM!!!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  9. thanks ladies!

    p,p&p - i saw, thank you so much! you're too kind.

  10. ADORABLE outfit. And i love the flower smelling photo all the same. Hilarious that you called yourself out!

  11. love your outfit.. effortless and so chic! lovely lovely!
    i followed you hun..
    would love and appreciate it ~if you can too ^^
    hope i can invite you to join my giveaway..
    here's the link if you just like:
    you'll not be disaapointed..

    thanks in advance!

  12. Amazing pictures, u look so lovely, love the hat, and the cake looks so yum, its so cute


  13. great outfit!

    xoxo navy & orange

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