Monday, August 15, 2011

on back to reality.

well my three day summer vacation is over, but it was lots of fun, sun and naps. many, many wonderful naps. while i was gone i got to share my shipwreck story with you guys, which i loved. all of you who commented and read it: thank you so much. it was a crazy story to share and you seemed to enjoy it, so i really appreciate it.
while i didn't take many pictures on vacation, i got a few good shots, and one great recipe to share with you.
an ice cream snickers bar! it had been too long.
reflections in the sound at sunset.
sunset over the sound.
my personal favorite. posing as j. crew models before dinner. didn't quite get it right.
and then, of course, the recipe. grilled romaine salad!
via here.
we had ours at the paper canoe - it was so delicious and luckily, very easy to make.
1. wash and cut heads of romaine. dry the leaves very well.
2. spritz with olive oil. if you don't have a little spray bottle to put oil in, drizzle and rub it over the romaine with your hands.
3. put on high grill, no more than a minute each side.
4. pair with roasted tomatoes or grilled peaches.
5. top with balsamic vinaigrette and parmesan or feta cheese.
this dish is so good and so easy - it will blow you and your guests away. i hope ya'll had a fun weekend - here's to enjoying the last few weeks left of summer!


  1. glad you had fun! your bathing suit top is super cute. love that color.

  2. The recipe sounds delicious & I LOVE your dress. J Crew would be lucky to have you. ;)

  3. I'm glad you had a wonderful vacation! Cute little J Crew posing picture :) And I love an Ice cream snickers bar by the pool!

  4. Just got to read your shipwreck story. Dang. That was intense!

    Your swimmysuit is hot. Emailing you soon, friend.

  5. oh man. i absolutely love ice cream snickers bars. haven't had one in ages.

  6. wowwww grilled romaine? that's nuts. I gotta try it.

  7. clarie - thanks! i have a coupe of bikinis by vix, and i swear by them. just have to wait for them to go on sale at bloomie's ;)

    ashely - thank you!

    i'm so glad you all appreciate the snickers ice cream bar, too. it had been way too long, i gotta eat them more often!


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