Friday, August 26, 2011

on a birthday cake.

i saw this cake on martha stewart (here on out, known as marty), and said,
 "that would be a wonderful birthday cake! i'd love to make it!"
now, for those who think it's sad to make my own cake, let me inform you - it's actually awesome. i love to bake, but if i did i'd be the only one around to eat it. if i made all the amazing pie and cookie recipes i come across, i wouldn't be able to walk out the tiny door of my apartment. and i enjoy leaving my apartment every now and then, so it's not really feasible. when i get the chance to make baked goods for a crowd, i get excited. so without further ado, my cake.
marty would probably lose it when she found this out, but i used a box mix. pound cake was just too heavy for a summertime cake, and the rest of my week was taken up with being fabulous (as i know you can relate too) so i didn't really have the time, either. so i bought a store mix (keep it together marty!) and put in the zest and juice of one medium lemon. the juice of the lemon, about two tablespoons, i substituted for some of the water the box mix called for.
mix it up real nice.
after the cake was all mixed up, i decided to make three layers instead of two. i just felt with the lemon curd in the middle, it would be really nice to have two layers of frosting around it, as opposed to just one. if you disagree, you're probably a communist.
oh hello old friend.
so let's talk about my frosting recipe. does anyone else feel like homemade frosting can be way too sugary? just too much powedered sugar? it's almost gag-worthy. this no muss no fuss recipe takes care of it. the secret? whipping cream. it tastes like the frosting from my favorite bakery in nashville (and, also, in the world), due to the lightness the whipping cream gives it.
sidenote: when given the opportunity to eat
cake from this place,
(i.e. nashville weddings)
i try to eat enough until i feel sick.
otherwise, i think i've wasted a great,
and seldom occurring, opportunity.
i need help.
even if you don't want to try this recipe, use a tablespoon or two in your buttercream - it will be all the difference. this recipe might taste a bit sweet in the bowl, but it's perfect once it's on the cake. i always receive tons of compliments on it.
what i'm saying is: try the damn recipe already.
next up, lemon curd for the middle layer! and yes, we can add lemon curd to the list of things i have no desire to make from scartch. besides, trader joe's version is incredibly delicious.
thanks trader joe's!
we have a drippage situation.
ok, so then put on the top cake layer and cover everything with frosting.
and there you have it - a wonderful summertime birthday cake!
of course the best thing about birthday cakes is that you get to eat a piece the next morning for breakfast. am i right?


  1. that looks positively mouth watering! I could go for a slice of that right about now...

  2. I love lemon flavored cake, especially in the summer! Also, I totally agree with you about enjoying any excuse to bake, because on a daily basis I do NOT need that stuff around the house, but I love to bake to share with others.

    (beautiful birthday flowers, too!)

  3. My cakes usually get used for doorstops or bird food so I have a lot of admiration for someone who can whip up a cake this delicious looking! I'm with Caroline, I would love some of that right now!!!

  4. that looks so good! oh my god, i wish i knew ANYONE with a summer birthday!

  5. It looks deeeelicious. And breakfast birthday cake is a tradition for me!

  6. YUMMMM! Oh man, this look delicious. I'm currently baking my way through MS's Cupcake book. Everything has been good so far. :)

  7. Wow, this sounds amazing!!! And it reminds me of our wedding cake. Our friend Pearl made it for us. It was a vanilla-honey cake with lemon curd layers and buttercream frosting - sooo yummy. I can't wait to eat the (frozen) top tier on our 1st anniversary. xo.

  8. yum! this looks great - lemon curd is actually very easy to make, and I'm not a huge fan of the trader joe's version, so next time you make this, you should make your own curd!

    x. jill

  9. Martha Stewart (aka Colleen)! This looks delicious! You are a true baking wizard, lady! Have a fantastic weekend!


    Erin @

  10. Love this! I have such a sweet tooth, it's not even funny...

  11. looks great!! i bet it tastes even better :)

  12. cool!!! love it!!!

    xoxo from rome

  13. Your cake looks amazing! I wish I had known about this bakery in Nashville so we could have visited and I could have eaten my weight in treats!

  14. This looks fantastic! I think birthday cake is the breakfast of champions!



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