Wednesday, August 3, 2011

on fear.

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have you ever noticed that fear is mostly brought on by anticipation? knowing that something is going to happen - has to happen - for us to keep moving forward with the ebb and flow of our lives, and those months, days and hours anticipating that event are when we feel our biggest swells of fear?
could be the last few months of pregnancy.
or the day before we go into surgery.
the morning of a big speech we're making.
waiting for college acceptance letters, then waiting to start at the college we picked.
moving to that new city for that new job.
waiting for our plane to take off.
and in that anticipation we question ourselves. we make ourselves feel uneasy with our choices. we psyche ourselves out. sometimes we get so scared, we stop ourselves from moving forward.
we don't have that baby.
we don't get surgery.
we go to the local college, the same one our brother went to.
we don't make that speech.
we don't move to that city.
we don't go on that trip.
and so there we are. stuck. as life keeps marching on, we let our angst and fear and hemming and hawing get the best of us. yet i've found that most of the time, when we move forward and go confidently in the direction of our choice, we're rarely wrong. because once the anticipation is over the anxiety and the fear melt away, we can face our new reality, one we come to grow and love, and not the one we made up in our minds. while it doesn't hurt that we'll never know what would have happened if we had just stayed put, that way of life often leads to regrets and what-ifs. growing up and moving on and following through on big decisions is scary. but when they're done, they always turn out to be the right ones - filled with new ups and downs, adventures and misfortunes, and - soon enough - more big decisions to hem and haw over. life doesn't wait for us to take our time and get comfortable with our future. sometimes, ready or not, we just have to go along with it.

"the big question is whether you are going to say a hearty yes to your adventure." -- joseph campbell


  1. What a wonderful post on fear. Everything you say is true. All of the worrying serves no useful purpose except to create more negativity and anxiety. We all need to trust and believe in ourselves a lot more.

    Cheers! Reese

  2. Colleen! I have been going through this very thing lately. Waiting on that phone call or that email. You articulated the emotions that go along with that period of waiting so well. I commit to giving a big hearty Yes to my adventure.

    Are you living inside my head?

  3. the rigolosos - i am so glad you're going say yes! and i just might be living yours, as you may be in mine! haha, i love it.

  4. So when shall we meet up, new friend?

  5. What a powerful post - just what I needed to read today. A friend posted these lyrics this morning, "Our dreams will break the boundaries of our fears."

  6. Very inspiration and very forthcoming! Great post, Colleen!


    Erin @

  7. I feel proud of the risks I've taken thus far... and think I'm going to get a new tattoo soon to mark that mentality. It's going to say (in french), "He who risks nothing, has nothing". I think the best parts of my life have come from taking the leap of faith, and I feel sorry for people who get too caught in being safe in all their choices!

  8. Colleen this is one of my favorite posts of yours! It is SO true. Fear is totally the anticipation and all of the worry and anxiety that comes from the anticipation. That's why sometimes I just don't think about whatever is coming so I only have the 2.5 seconds before it's time to happen to think about it!

  9. I love this post - I agree that fear comes out of anticipation. Not being able to predict or understand the future really. As hard as it is, one must just live, stop thinking (temporarily of course) and let things happen! Great post.

    The Internet Garbage

  10. Yes. Truth.

    Thank you for sharing this post with me. I want to be the type of person that moves confidently in the direction of her dreams.

    This is great and encouraging Colleen!

  11. Found you via Lady Lee and this is a really incredible post! Thanks for the inspiration. And yes, I am going to step out into life saying a "Hearty YES!"

    p.s. I am loving your blog!


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