Tuesday, August 16, 2011

on horses horses horses*.

i grew up riding horses and can say, hands down, they are my favorite animal. (sorry dogs and cats.) while you can tame a horse enough to ride them and live with them, they always keep some of their spirit and let it out when they see fit, whether you are on their back or not. this is my favorite, out of many qualities, that i love about these animals and i think these pictures capture it - hopefully i'll get one to hang in my home one day as a reminder of that beauty.
a real favorite. via here.
via here.
via here.
another top pick. horses in the mist. via here.
*sleepless in seattle reference, anyone?


  1. I love pictures of horses, they are so graceful and beautiful but in reality, they frighten the life out of me! I don't think I have ever met a horse that hasn't bitten me! I know it's probably something I am doing but in the meantime, I just admire them in beautiful photos like these!

  2. They really are such beautiful, strong creatures. That last one may be my fave.

    Wish I could gain some cool points with the Sleepless quote, but alas, I cannot.

  3. haha love the Sleepless in Seattle reference :)

    That first picture is beautiful! I've never ridden a horse (other than being led on one which does not count) but I feel like if I did, I would love it!

  4. I have been riding horses since I was young too! I still have the same horse, √Čric, and as well as being beautiful, majestic and having a free spirit, they are so loyal to friends :). Thanks for sharing these pictures! Love them !


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