Tuesday, August 23, 2011

on interior influence.

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when i was a little girl, i loved our guest room. it was my favorite room in the whole house. my mother, perhaps before her time, decorated it with an antique dresser, an old french, chenille bedspread and lace curtains. the walls were covered over in sky blue and white lattice wallpaper, and i used to think waking up in that room was like waking up in heaven. the room would be bright with sunlight, and the whites and blues added to the dreamy effect. if i had one friend staying for a sleepover i would beg my parents to let us sleep in the guest room, as opposed to downstairs in our sleeping bags. sometimes, if i had been on really good behavior, i'd even ask to sleep in there by myself on a friday or saturday night as a special treat. i'm sure my mom was annoyed in some aspects - she'd invariably have to change the sheets all over again before a real guest showed up - but i think she and my dad enjoyed how easily something that small could make me so happy. i mean, all i was asking for was to sleep in a different bedroom for the night and i'd be pleased as punch. if someone told me today that next friday or saturday night my great adventure would be sleeping in a different bedroom than my own, i'd give them a weird look and most likely call the police.
so it's no surprise that for years since leaving home i've looked forward to one day making my bedroom filled with bright whites and sky blues - the childhood bedroom of my dreams. i'm sure with my first home purchase it won't be too hard to make that a reality. but in thinking about it, what i really want to take from this isn't how to decorate a bedroom - i want to remember that feeling that came from waking up in that bright and sunny guestroom. i want to remember to find joy in the small and simple things. i want to remember that if that's how my day starts out - with sunlight streaming into my bedroom waking me up - my day is already pretty extraordinary.
so here's to sunny mornings and bright rooms, and all they can offer us and remind us as we start another day.


  1. Beautiful post. I can remember what a big adventure it was to sleep in a different room (still kind of is). Love the inspiration photo you chose at the top. A light blue sunny room is like my idea of heaven!

  2. Love that bedroom!Thinking of doing mine in those exact colours...

  3. The bedroom you've described sounds amazing! I always love visiting people because I think staying in guest bedrooms is really fun :)

  4. Beautiful! Isn't it funny how the smallest things were so exciting when you're little? I remember making a "pallet" on the floor with my sister and watching Aladdin over and over.

  5. That bedroom is absolutely breathtaking! I really love the crispness of blue and white! Gorgeous!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  6. love the bedside table!

    xoxo navy & orange


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