Wednesday, August 31, 2011

on irl.

we've all come across blogs we loved at first sight. or those that we comment on regularly and look forward to reading everyday. and some bloggers that we feel would be our new best friend if we were near each other irl.
you know. in real life.
sidenote: i'm a loser.
so, when i stumbled on molly's blog, and found she lived in nyc, i got a little excited. lo and behold, she visited my blog and also seemed to really like it, and then asked to meet me up. while i was totally on board with this idea, i realized i had agreed to do the one thing you promise your parents you would never do ever since you started wearing training bras:
you would not meet up someone you met on the internet(s).
so with some trepidation, and letting the boy know that i was doing this and that i hoped she wasn't packing heat, off i went.
molly's picture taken with her awesome camera. at eataly.
and wouldn't you know, she was awesome. we talked until 1 am (on a school night nonetheless!) we laughed a lot. we had some good wine. and we had some great conversations.
and no, she wasn't packing heat.
the wonderful molly, taken with my crappy camera (who i still love dearly).
have you ever gone out on a limb and met up with a fellow blogger or group of bloggers? was it awesome or awkward? inquiring minds want to know.
molly's version of our night found here.


  1. This is so fun! I'm glad she wasn't crazy and now you are real friends :) I've never met up with a blogger friend because I don't know of any nearby...

  2. sherri lynn - that just means you should come visit new york ;)

  3. Besides E Tells Tales (who I went to college with), I've only met one blog buddy in person so far and it was awesome! I'm meeting another next week when she visits Omaha. Hey, I met my husband online, why not a few friends?

  4. I've met up with a few bloggers before, but only 1-on-1. In September I'm meeting with a handful at once. I'm pretty excited!

    Glad your meetup with Molly was fun! :)

  5. I just had my first meetup! I was indeed a bit nervous because they say not to meet people on the internet and all that, but it was so great! Had a great time. I would do it again. :)

  6. I haven't yet, but I really want to!! I've (not irl) met some really great people that I'd love to know in person!
    Glad you had such a good experience!

  7. Have I mentioned I'm jealous? Well now it is two-fold since I know you now too.

    Pouting in the corner.

  8. that sounds so fun!!! i am so glad you guys enjoyed each others company :)

  9. :) Awesome post. I'd love to meet up with fellow bloggers. I wasn't always fond of the idea but as I'm getting into it more I think it'd be fun. Alas, I think my chance to do so this year has passed me by since the bloggers' conference in London appears to ALREADY be fully booked. Ugh.

    You guys going to have another meet up soon? :)

  10. That is amazing! She looks super nice! I'm glad she wasn't packing heat! I would miss you A LOT!


    Erin @

  11. kelly-ann - i think so! especially with football (the american kind) starting up here soon and our teams will be playing each other.

    erin - you are too sweet! haha, i'm glad you like having me around!

  12. hey there,

    i've met up with people i've met online, but yet to meet a fellow blogger.
    hey, we're all real and only partly crazy. :)

  13. I haven't met any bloggers that I didn't know before I started blogging, but I probably would. It is a great idea. I am glad it worked out so well for you.



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