Wednesday, August 24, 2011

on my thrifting rule.

i like things to match. if i accidentally pack my brown belt with my pair of black jeans, i will refuse to wear the belt. and no, mr. security man at the airport, i don't care if you give me weird looks as i continually hike up my pants. or bridesmaids these days. you know, they wear different colors or different styles. and they look lovely, really, they do. but as i watch the ceremony, i slowly develop a tick, staring at those mismatched bridesmaids. it drives me crazy. it still looks nice, but i just can't handle it.
clearly, i have a problem.
so i was quite surprised to find myself drawn to everyday dinnerware in the form of mismatched vintage china. "my gosh", i thought, "i'm conquering my matching problem!"
because as i saw pretty patterns here and i there, i always hesitated before buying them. i felt that soon enough i'd have my plates, and as pretty as they were, they would look too random. so after some thought, and remembering that i always wanted to have a kitchen with soft, yellow accents, i decided i should focus on plates that incorporate yellow, or blue, or both, and i'd soon have the little collection i always wanted with something to tie them all together.
and so that is my thrifting rule. really know what you want. save those pictures on pintrest, or tear them out of magazines, and really start to form a concerte plan of the look you're going for. there's so many pretty vintage items out there, but sooner or later it can turn into a large number of unused items taking cluttering up your home. if i follow this rule, i usually end up a lot happier with the results (and a little richer, too).
so without further ado, some of my etsy finds that fit into my color scheme. the nice thing about etsy being that i still have more time to think about it before i order any. until then, i can always be on the lookout at my local stores, where the shipping is always free.
i love the bright yellow on this plate. via here.
via here.
my favorite plate (and the cheapest!) i love how the sprig of flowers is just placed on the plate. via here.
a serving bowl to go with the plates. via here.
of course, the point of this whole exercise is to resist pretty cups like this one that don't quite fit into the scheme. le sigh.
via here.
do you have any thrifting tips?


  1. I looooove the items you've chosen here. When I move into my new place, which isn't for a while, I'm going to start fresh and buy some new plates and cups like these. They are so beautiful and have so much character. Plus, I love vintage anything. And you're definitely right...I'm feeling the mismatched cohesiveness (does that even make sense?) of it.

  2. that's smart! i'd love to start a vintate plate collection. my only thrifting rule is to try to have a fairly specific item i'm looking for. that might seem opposite of what you should do thrifting, but i get overwhelmed otherwise.

  3. claire - i totally agree! that's one reason i like etsy - you can keep your eye on an item for a bit before truly deciding you want to buy it. thrfiting can definitely be overwhelming without an item in mind.

  4. This is a good thrifting tip! I'm still fairly new to thrifting, so I don't really have any good tips. I do keep a list of general items I'm always on the look for (vintage-y spice rack, pretty cake plates, vintage Fiesta, etc) so that I don't get super overwhelmed once I'm in a store. But the downside is I hardly ever find any of the items on my list! I need to start doing more on etsy. I love your plate finds - the first is my favorite.

  5. Lovely finds! I'm going through a thrifting phase now that we need a bunch of stuff. I know it's dangerous, though. But besides a media credenza, we recently purchased something that nobody knew its purpose, but it looks pretty awesome. I think it has something to do with holding a saddle or something for a horse, but we decided to buy it with the purpose of holding our fireplace tools - we don't have anything for that quite yet. I'm just trying to buy things that I think have potential, because I'm always up for making something old and ugly look new and awesome.

  6. yeah i need to thrift. never done it.

  7. those are just darling. i am the same way. my exception is coffee mugs.

  8. Fantastic strategy! I really feel like pinterest is helping me organize my thoughts and ideas.


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