Monday, August 8, 2011

on roots.

since my parents have been in town this past week due to my mom getting her foot fixed up at a local hospital, on saturday, my dad and i decided to ventured deep into the depths of brooklyn to find his roots. and, i suppose, mine, too.
my grandma's childhood home.
first stop was the house my grandma lived in when she was a little girl, and where my dad often was invited over for a sunday dinner.
i learned that one time he got really mad at his uncle eddie and, at the tender age of five, told him he was going to throw him into the fireplace.
so. that explains where i got that trait from.
after that we went around the corner to st. brendan's, where my dad was baptized.
unfortunately the church was locked so we couldn't go in, but my dad was pretty excited to see it. he spent the first half of his childhood growing up in brooklyn and enjoyed seeing everything that he had faint memories of. we spent the next couple of hours wandering through the neighborhood, talking about the history of my family. how my grandparents met. how my grandma was the only child born here in america, the others in ireland. what my dad's aunt mary would make for her various sunday dinners.
my attachment to new york goes deeper than just everything the city has to offer, but also represents connections to the history family members i never met and endears the city to me even more. it certainly was pretty cool to see a few places where it all began.
and don't worry about my mom. she got these flowers when we came back from our adventure.
this bouquet was only $5. reason number #10278718931 to move back to brooklyn, where it all started. one day, perhaps. one day.


  1. Such sweet memories. I love the house your grandmother lived in and I think it suits you just perfectly. Maybe one day.

    It's settled. We are one in the same.

  2. Beautiful post. My bf and I regularly walk around the neighbourhoods we first lived in when we moved to London, I always get really emotional about it! So Brooklyn should definitely be on my list of things to see when I go to NY?

  3. That sounds so fun to walk through neighborhoods and have your dad tell stories of his past!! I love hearing things about family back in the day.

  4. So neat! It's great to see where your family comes from. There's been times when it all made sense to me, and times where it was a bit of a shock. But I suppose that in the end it's all icing on the cake. You are who you are whether you know your roots or not.

  5. meghan - absolutely! nyc is more than manhattan - it's brooklyn, queens, the bronx and staten island, all of which have something interesting to see and wonderful to eat. i'm sure you can't get to all of them but brooklyn is a wonderful place to spend the day, tourists and locals alike.

  6. wow, i bet this was really special. i always wonder who lived in our little apartment in the 50's and before, or what it looked like back then. nyc history is so amazing.

  7. That sounds like a lot of fun! And I love these pictures. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Your grandmother's house looks amazing. I only spent a day in Brooklyn, but loved it so much. I could totally live there, too.

  9. Your grandmother's house looks like it has TONS of character! I loved reading this about your family :)

  10. Umm, this is the coolest. I love hearing about the history of families.

    Also, If you move to Brooklyn, I'd gladly brunch with you there too. ;)


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