Friday, August 12, 2011

on the shipwreck {part three}.

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i'm not sure how long i was under the water. i didn't know if anyone got washed off with me. and i didn't know where i was going to come up. in my disorientation i thought of a few things.
1. if i came up in front of, or behind the ship, i'd have to quickly swim out of it's way so it wouldn't come down on me. if i came up under the ship, well, that was that.
2. i hope i took a big enough breath to last under water.
3. is this really happening? seriously?
and then, i popped up in front of the ship. the girl who had been standing next to me was a few feet to my right. i looked behind us and the ship wasn't very far away - with 88 foot masts it could easily hit us when it rolled back over the other way. we swam as fast as we could to the people on the rock jetty who were motioning to us, which was no easy feat with a life jacket on. there were multiple times where i thought it would be better to just take it off, but i tried not to listen to the part of me that said that. as we got closer to the jetty, the people yelled at us to look behind us. the harbor patrol had come out on a speedboat and wanted to throw us a life ring. so we started to swim towards him, and he eventually pulled us into the speedboat once we got a hold of the ring.
and just like that, it was over.
he drove us into the harbor, we took showers and put on clothes from the red cross and sat down to watch the others, still stuck on the ship. it was an awful feeling, wondering if they would be alright, and they said they felt the same when they came back up and six of us had been washed over board.
i can only imagine.
eventually the ship started to stabilize more and they were directed to slide off the boat, into the water, where coast guard see-doos were waiting to whisk them away.
after all was said and done, no one was really hurt. my legs were banged up form hitting the railing when i went overboard, someone got hypothermia and another broke her arm. we went on fox and friends, good morning america, and inside edition the next day. we were still slightly stunned about what happened. about how close we came to losing much more than our luggage. i think even to this day i find it a little unbelievable. and i still feel lucky and very thankful that i made it out of this story relatively intact.
and that, my friends, is my shipwreck story.


  1. WOW! That's all I can say! I read all 3 and was hooked! SO thankful you and everyone else are ok.... how scary!

  2. Oh my god! What a terrifying experience that must have been! I hate boats and I am quite a chicken when it comes to water so this is like my worst nightmare. Thankfully everyone was ok! On the bright side, this makes for a very cool story! Just out of curiosity, are you now terrified of boats? Would you do something like this again?

  3. meghan - i'll go on larger boats, i.e. my company had a cruise in the hudson and that's fine - but no sailboats. i listen to the messages life sends me, and i don't think boats and i mix!

    p.s. thank you everyone for your comments - i'm so glad you're enjoying the story. it really is a doozy!

  4. "I listen to the messages life sends me." haha If only more people did that!

    What a story for the grandkids! I can't imagine how scary that had to be.

  5. wow! i was away this week and am glad i got to read all three parts in one sitting. what an incredible story. i can't believe that really happened to you. yo did a great job building the suspense and making us feel a part of it!

  6. Crazy story! Wow. I'm so glad you shared was an incredible read.

  7. Colleen this story was incredible! I'm so glad everyone was okay! I can't even imagine everything you were thinking and feeling during this! Thanks so much for sharing the story!

  8. Okay, so my weekend in CT left me sans internet, thus I am just now reading your shipwreck story. My, what a story it is!

    And now I am kinda rethinking the Manhattan sail.

  9. I am glad I finally got to read the end of this. What an incredible experience (and so glad you are ok).


  10. I finally ran across your shipwreck posts!! Oh my, they are SO good! that is so crazy. I am so glad that everyone was alright and that you were so close to shore!

    Now tell me - have you been on a boat since?


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