Tuesday, August 2, 2011

on a summer cocktail.

thanks to the very hot climate of late, and the need to have a "go-to" drink that has a little more class then a jack and coke (those years in tennessee got to me), i discovered the gin gimlet. there could not be an easier and more refreshing cocktail to have this summer. at my uncle's wedding this past weekend i ordered one and it started a domino effect - either people had never heard of it or had forgotten about it. before i knew it my sister got one, then my aunt, then my uncle, then my cousin. you see where this is going. and they all loved it, too. so without further ado, the gin gimlet.
via here.

1 part gin
1/3 part rose's sweetened lime juice
shake with ice, then pour through cocktail strainer over 2 to 3 ice cubes
garnish with lime
and enjoy!
i mean really - does it get easier than that? once you've made a few you can just eyeball it without exact measurements. if you the find the drink to be a bit too sweet, you can make it so the 1/3 part rose's sweetened lime juice is 1/2 real lime juice and 1/2 rose's. either way you have it, it's a winner, and perfect for all the hot summer days in august.


  1. I am a total beer drinker, and have such little knowledge of cocktails. This sounds really refreshing!

  2. Don't you love when you start something and people follow suit?! sounds refreshing!

  3. serously ladies, it so good.

    sherr - yes, it's so fun, which is how you must feel with every recipe you post :)

  4. Colleen!

    How are we just now meeting?!
    We love gin at this house, so these are a must.
    I'm fairly certain we need to have a park picnic date and yes, I can feel sassy anywhere.

    I will be spending more time catching up on your blog, but I can tell you this already... I think I love you. :)

  5. rigolosos - i felt the same way when i visited yours, i love it! i'll be your newest follower today.

  6. I am absolutely intrigued. It is one of those drinks that I had heard of, but never actually knew what it was. I am going to try this.


  7. Umm yes please!! I need one of these right about now!! My wine is boring ;) Thanks for sharing such a yummy cocktail recipe!

  8. Ohh this looks so good! Like a better version of gin & tonic. :)


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