Monday, September 26, 2011

on the aftermath.

if you're reading this post in my voice right now, it's a whisper. because i no longer have a voice. i left it at a club in the meatpacking district. but i do have a few good photos for you to look at from our fun weekend. and no, none of my outfits worked out because it was eighty degrees all weekend. oh well.
the bride and her sister at brunch.
the girls from high school.
starting the night!
engagement cupcakes for the engaged girl.
and while i have a few pictures of us dancing, perhaps it's better if the internets not see them. hope your weekend was a blast, too.


  1. I just read the whole post in a raspy whisper. I thought you would appreciate that.

    Looks like you had a great weekend. Yay for your friend! Those cupcakes are so freakin' cute.

    And it has to be said... your poor right tit.

  2. molly - lol, i know! poor little thing. and yes, i appreciate the raspy whisper.

  3. Nothing like loosing your voice to make you remember how awesome your weekend was! The bandage makes a fashion statement and I ADORE the little black dress!! C'mon, I want to see the dancing photos!!!

  4. Um yeah, I just realized that I was not officially "following" your blog. Why? I have no idea. Apparently, this is something I do often.

  5. Loving those cupcakes! How cute! Any they look delicious !

  6. Those cupcakes are so cute! And I love your dress - even if all the outfits you picked out didn't end up working!

  7. Oh your chesticle. :( It looks like you're trying to quit smoking.

  8. At first I was like, what is she keeping in her bra? An important list? (To be fair, I'm extremely sleep-deprived)

    That black dress is not only gorgeous, it was absolutely destined to show off your singed lady parts.

  9. sherri lynn - thank you!

    erin - haha i never thought of that, but it totally does!

    candis - again, i love you for the compliment.

    alana - yes, a list of all the shots we had to do (i wish). and i think i do prefer to think of it as a singed lady part.

  10. You are the cutest! Seriously! Love the cupcakes, and too bad the internet can't see the boogying photos!


    Erin @


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