Wednesday, September 21, 2011

on healthy pasta.

whenever i visit the boy, i always get a magazine. i suppose i could read a book, but after a long week at work, a mindless magazine is much better. one day, when i had exhausted the fashion magazine selection, i decided to go with food and wine. while the magazine looked a little pretentious, i figured that i liked food and i liked wine, so it couldn't be that bad. since then it's become staple for me - they have a knack for consistently producing recipes that look fancier than they are - a great way to impress guests, or hell, even yourself at the end of a long day. once thanksgiving rolls around i can share the stuffing recipe i used from their thanksgiving issue - stuffing that everyone loved. the best aspect about all of their recipes is that it's always easier than it looks (and your guests can't tell the difference). without further ado i present...
broken lasagna with walnut pesto. (even sounds fancy!)
first, the walnuts.
toasting these suckers in the oven made my apartment smell divine. i just might make this again for that reason alone. as my walnuts toasted i chopped up some arugula and garlic - yes, the recipe has you toss arugula in with the pasta at the end. if that's not an easy way to get vegetables into your diet, i don't know what is.
as i got my food processor up and running for the pesto, i started to cook my broken lasagna. this is not the first recipe i've featured where you get to crush or break your food, and i find it a highly satisfying way to make a meal.
once everything is ready to go, do not forget to reserve a 1/2 cup of water before draining the pasta, as the recipe states (although you don't need it all - add little by little until it's where you want it). many recipes tell you to do this, and usually you don't need to. but the walnut pesto is a bit thick, and using this water helps the pesto coat the noodles. the water that pasta cooks in contains a lot of the starch the pasta releases as it cooks, and that starch can then help other ingredients stick to the noodle, which is why it's important to add some of that water back for this recipe. fun fact of the day for ya'll.
and here we are - left with a delicious dinner!
since i cook for just myself most days, pasta is something i turn to a lot. being able to have my carbs be whole wheat, my pesto contain less fat (walnuts are better than pine nuts), and get a serving of vegetables all in one fell swoop, makes it a great dinner. in addition, you can use the leftover pesto for dinner the next night and not have as much prep - just chop your arugula, cook your noodles and you're done! another great recipe from food and wine - a source you should definitely turn to when looking for a tasty new meal. what are some of your favorite sources for new recipes?


  1. I'm the same way! I read books Monday through Friday, but when the weekend comes, it's all about the magazines. It just seems appropriate for a weekend, right?

    I'm bookmarking this. Pasta (and healthy pasta, at that) is one of my favorite meals!

  2. jillian - i promise, this pasta is the bomb - i'm already looking forward to having more tonight. definitely make it when you get the chance!

  3. I am the same way - when I want to really relax I need magazines! I haven't read Food & Wine because I thought it was a little too pretentious but now I will have to check it out! This dish looks really good. I love the subtle ways that make it a whole lot better for you!

  4. sherri lynn - i know. it totally comes off that way, but it's the complete opposite. definitely pick up an issue the next time you're traveling / relaxing, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  5. this looks sooo yummy! i can't read food& wine because i get way too hungry while looking at it! Seriously! When I was watching cooking shows often, i swear i put on some lbs. :)

    the meal looks impressive.


  6. yum, this looks amazing. and i concur -- at the end of a long day, a mindless magazine often hits the spot.

  7. You had me at arugula! Absolutely obsessed!


    Erin @

  8. Oh I love arugula. And I could eat pesto with a spoon.

    I love Martha's Everyday Food magazine, because it's a bit family friendlier than Living. I also like Cooking Light recipes and anything by Ina Garten. I don't have any food blogs I read, but I really should get some.

  9. erin - thank you for letting me know! i also find her living mag to be a bit music (although i am the least crafty person i know, so go figure). i'll have to check out her everyday food.

  10. Mmm, it all looks so delicious! <3 I am an absolute pesto fanatic!

    Lost in the Haze

  11. This looks GREAT!!! I love a healthy pasta recipe!

  12. Drroooooollliiiing at my computer right now! Can't wait to try it out (once I figure out exactly what arugula is)!


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