Friday, September 2, 2011

on last year's labor day.

so. the end of summer is this weekend. and judging from all the posts i've seen the past few weeks, you biatches are peeing yourselves over all of the pumpkin spice lattes you're about to consume.
well, not me.
so let's re-live last year's labor day, shall we? because it was amazing. i went to jackson hole, wyoming to visit my best friend from study abroad. as she knows, i am a city girl through and through. and i am true to that. i'm not going to show up to the ranch and ask how i can help you milk the cows. i am more than happy to help you organize your closet while you're out tilling the fields, though. i know who i am. and she knows that. and we're both ok with that. so we realized this trip would be a little bit country, a little bit city.
first things first, jackson is beautiful. absolutely breathtaking. it amazes me that after a four hour plane ride from a concrete jungle filled with 8 million people i was standing next to mountains like these. america is pretty kick ass sometimes. sorry haters.
the next day we decided to raft down the snake river. katie's friends are all guides or ski patrols or sushi chefs or any other service industry profession you can think of, and one of them was kind enough to help us navigate the river along with a few others. so off to the snake river we went. i wore a bikini, a cover-up with rhinestones, and my hair was curled. because that's how i roll.
this was also, apparently, the first time our guide had gone rafting with bottles of champagne. weird.
anyhoo, to deal with the natural elements, i brought my favorite tube of pink lipstick, and the resulting picture basically sums up anything you need to know about me, ever. this portrait captures it all perfectly.
and that, dear readers, was the best labor day i ever did have. i sincerely hope your long weekend is just as good as mine was last year, and lord knows i'll do my best to top it this year.


  1. You are awesome and I loved the comment about peeing over spiced lattes.


  2. Colleen-you rock! Jackson Hole is amazing! I love how beautiful it is there. And this picture of you putting on lipstick is a treasure!


    Erin @

  3. haha That photo is AWESOME. You can help me organize my closets anytime.

  4. You are fabulous and can tell a great story! And I am rally looking forward to the pumpkin spice lattes.


  5. That looks beautiful...I've always wanted to go there! And the pumpkin spice latte quip made me laugh out LOUD!

  6. Sometimes I play that game...the what was I doing a year ago game..sometimes I was happier or sadder...depends. Enjoying your blog none the less. Cheers and look forward to reading more....

  7. I hope you had a wonderful labor day this year. Mine was hectic, but I'm thankful for that extra day off.

  8. Spiced pumpkin latte? Where has this been my whole life? Laughed out loud at the fact that you went rafting in a rhinestone cover-up... with lipstick! Hope that this year tops last!

  9. haha I love this post! I would totally have rocked the bikini and rhinestone cover top on a river adventure too. And that last picture of you is AWESOME!


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