Tuesday, September 13, 2011

on the next adventure.

i was talking to my mom last night and she had just finished looking at an "about me" book i made in second grade, at the age of seven. it had all sorts of fun facts in it, including the answer to the question: what two places do you want to go to the most?
hawaii and korea.
um...what? korea? where the hell do kids come up with this shit? what in god's name did i know about korea at the age of 7? i can understand hawaii - it's super pretty, part of america (which means i'm familiar with it), and my dad had just gone on a trip there. korea is one i can't quite figure out.
but as of today, if i could go somewhere with money/time/safety not being an issue, it would be...
egypt fascinates me, particularly ancient egypt. i would love to go and see the history of this country. explore cairo, sail down the nile, learn more about cleopatra in alexandria. it would be amazing.
so what about you? if there was one place you could go to today, where would it be?


  1. Love this post....travel today?? I could list like 17 different places. For now - Dubai, Chicago, my Nana's cottage for tea, Moorea in Tahiti....ahhhh...Cheers for this inspiration.

  2. the ebst part of my day - moorea and your nana's cottage = awesome answer.

  3. Korea eh? Interesting kid! If I could go anywhere right now, it would have to be Bora Bora... or San Francisco or Switzerland or Ireland or home! I could go on for days!

  4. that photo is so pretty. i'd love to go to hawaii someday.

  5. Korea?! Wha? You are funny.

    I'm thinking Canada for the win on this one.

  6. I spent last summer in Egypt! It is amazing...and so are the people. I would literally go anywhere, I love travel so much.

  7. meghan - bora bora and the maldives aren't too far behind egypt.

    mina - agreed, hawaii is definitely still on the list!

    the rigolosos - of course, somewhere colder ;)

    caitlin - me too...i just love it.

  8. I'm with you on Egypt! It's definitely on the bucket list, along with Venice (the ONE part of Italy that we missed, and my dream since I was little), Machu Picchu, Spain, Niagra Falls, the Grand Canyon, Greece, etc. etc.

    And of course back to Ireland.


  9. Love this post. It makes me laugh. What little kid didn't want to go to Hawaii?? It is up there with Disney World. But Korea, yeah, where did that come from? Tell us more about your fascination with Egypt.

  10. shannon - well it started with cleopatra - how does a society have such a powerful woman (who's grave we can't find) ruling it, yet now represses women so much. and how did they build the pyramids, etc. a lot of these answers were destroyed when the romans invaded egypt and basically raided it and destroyed so many things. so all these questions i have about their society really fascinate me, and i'd love to see a lot of these things i think about in person. it's just so cool! also, i'm a nerd.

  11. I had one of those About Me books - I'll have to see what I wrote down.

    I would definitely choose Paris. It's been a lifelong dream to go there!

  12. Egypt would be amazing! I would love to go to Abu Dhabi where they were in Sex and The City!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  13. I want to go to Australia so bad! Scuba diving is so fun and it must be GORGEOUS to do it there :)

  14. definitely Hawaii! Never been there and it must be the next place of my dreams
    Have a lovely day
    Sara C.

  15. Funny, when I was a kid I lived in Korea for 7 years then moved to Hawaii during middle school.

  16. how fun. i always wanted to go to holland as a kid. not sure why.

  17. Egypt is a good answer! I think Italy is towards the top of my list, and Greece, too. If I were to push my comfort zone and travel somewhere besides Europe, I would love to go to Asia. Maybe Japan? Just Asia in general for now :)


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