Tuesday, September 6, 2011

on the next best thing.

we can't help ourselves here in new york. we're always looking for a new restaurant, a new play, a new store, a new club. so off we went yesterday morning, trekking into brooklyn for brunch at a place i had been dying to try. now, don't get me wrong, it was tasty.
eggs. grits. kale.
but all in all, it's just another restaurant we can check off the list.
toast. eggs. bacon. hash brown.
you see, my favorite thing about our morning really had nothing to do with the restaurant, or the food, or the atmosphere. it had to do with the game of hangman we played on our paper table with the crayons they provided. it must have been years since i played the game.
the word i picked is one of our favorites - said by michael scott in a favorite episode of the office. the boy and i say it often to one another, always followed by a laugh. and there, at this restaurant with it's trendy brooklyn comfort food and waitresses who couldn't be bothered to actually serve us, the next best thing reminded me that often times it's the free and simple things in life that keep it fun and interesting, and perhaps i should focus on those a little bit more. although a side of well-made grits to my game of hangman doesn't hurt.


  1. It's nice to see somebody serving grits in NYC!!!!

  2. rebakka - i know, isn't it? so glad southern comfort food is trendy up here.

  3. that food does look scrumptious, especially on this rainy day. and what a gerat hang-man word!

  4. what?! what?! Too bad I cheated, but at least I can comment dammit! Hello sweet Colleen. I love being able to talk to you again via the blogworld.

  5. ah yes, the simple things in life. :) so sweet.

    drew jones and I love the office too.

    It's so good.

    thats what she said.

  6. candis - i heart you and drew jones. with a puffy sparkle heart.

  7. Yum-grits and Southern comfort food! I love that you guys played hangman! Something my guy and I play when the restaurant gives us paper tablecloths!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  8. This is such a sweet post. The game of hangman, a word that is something funny between the two of you...what a wonderful way to spend breakfast.



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