Thursday, September 29, 2011

on simple is as simple does.

lately i've seen a new chocolate chip cookie recipe starting to make it's way around the internets. it's for the best chocolate chip cookies evah. you make the dough, then refrigerate it, then blend it again, then freeze it, then sprinkle gold on it.
you get my drift.
but to me, making chocolate chip cookies is supposed to be simple, and in the same token, delicious. it's one of the first recipes you learn when growing up because it's basically foolproof and tasty. i'm just a simple girl, with simple tastes like that.
one of my first, and favorite, baking memories is from making chocolate chip cookies.
it was the first time my mom was letting me completely do it by myself. turning on the oven, working the mixer - all that jazz, as she and my sister hung out in the living room. i was ten. double digits. i was a big  deal, in case you can't tell.
it was snowing. nat king cole was on (obvi). i was being so careful and particular. i really wanted to show my family just how well i could make a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
i tasted the batter and we were good to go. i popped those suckers in the oven, waited an anxious nine minutes, and when the timer dinged i ran into the kitchen.
there sat my cookies in the oven. completely uncooked. nothin' doin'.
i waited another nine minutes.
and then another nine.
and then another nine.
i finally ran to my mother and tearfully told her i had somehow broken the oven. after breaking the microwave at thanksgiving, like literally day of, she was a little fed up with me. i was, what you call, a precocious child.
so into the kitchen we went to assess the damage and lo and behold, wouldn't you know it, i had never  even turned the oven on.
like i said people, i'm a simple girl. except for my taste in louboutins, of course.


  1. This takes me back to the dozens of times I made chocolate chip cookies by myself and thought I was the baker extraordinaire! I love the good ol' chocolate chip cookie recipe on the back of the Nestle's bag. You're making me want to make some right now!

  2. yum yum yum!

  3. sherri lynn - and that's the exact recipe i used! such a classic.

  4. Your stories always make me smile Colleen! I love that it was snowing and Nat King Cole was on (obvi)! Do you have the appliance-breaking curse too? We should start a support group!

  5. Classic.

    My mom is always searching for the "perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe" and I always think, "What's wrong with the ones you make now?" CC cookies are like pizza - even the bad ones taste pretty good.

    Err, I think people make the comparison to sex as well...

  6. I love chocolate chop cookies :)! These are really good pictures

  7. erin - oh my word, girl, you make me laugh.

    jacqueline - thank you! i'm trying to get better with my pictures so i appreciate it.

  8. Now I need a homemade chocolate chip cookie. Like right now.

    Great story, friend.

  9. LOL, that is such a precious story. The cookies look fabulous. One of my favorite things to make too.



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