Tuesday, September 27, 2011

on the yearly countdown.

guys. christmas is less than three months away.
nat king cole will be on 24-7 in my apartment.
i will buy a two foot christmas tree and think it's grand.
my oven will constantly be baking.
i will wear red, somehow, someway, everyday.
new york city will sparkle.
and, if we're really lucky, snow will fall softly in the park sometime in the month of december.
oh, and by "three months" i mean after halloween. hate all you want.
so in honor of baby jesus, my favorite jesus, tell me your favorite christmas traditions below. maybe i can use them as my own if they're good enough.


  1. Can I just say how fabulous it is to find someone who gets just as excited about Christmas as me? My office groans when I start doing the countdown (ok, I do start in July but so what!) We've had to get used to cold Christmases and being away from home but it has meant that we have started our own traditions: 1. have your first mince pie of the year and make a wish (not sure if you get them in the US but nothing says Xmas like a good mince pie) 2. put the tree up in early December on my birthday (it's fake so it doesn't matter) 3. consume copious amounts of red wine and mince pies whilst putting the tree up with cheesy christmas songs on full blast (singing along and wearing a silly Christmas hat is also compulsory).

  2. meghan - oh my god, i love it! mince pies. that sounds so british and christmasy. i'll have to see if i can make a proper mince pie this season.

  3. If we're lucky we'll get snow?! Noooooo! No no no snow this year!

    Okay, I'm calm. I do have to admit Christmas time is pretty magical though. I have a tradition where I like to make hot chocolate EVERY SINGLE DAY. I guess that would just be considered a way of life for me more than a tradition. Haha.

  4. jillian - yes! i forgot hot chocolate. now i'm even more excited.

  5. yes Christmas will be here SO soon! I'm so excited! I started just a teeny bit of my shopping already! :) Since we've only had one Christmas since we've been married we don't really have any traditions yet... We just try to do as many Christmas-y type things as possible all month. Decorate the tree, go to the Christmas parade, watch Christmas movies, go to Christmas plays, sing Christmas music non-stop. Nothing out of the ordinary, I'm afraid.

  6. sherri - nothing out of the ordinary, but still awesome! and i, too, am an early christmas shopper. i just can't wait that long.

  7. Traditions:

    On Christmas morning, everybody drinks hot chocolate with Bailey's Irish cream. Even the kids. Because it's Christmas!

    Open all gifts on Xmas eve. It's better this way, I promise. Stockings and one Santa gift Xmas morn.

    Listen to Stevie Wonder's That's What Christmas Means To Me at least three times a day.

    Watch these movies with even though your significant other complains:
    White Christmas
    Home Alone
    The Family Stone

  8. p.s. This picture just screams Christmas card 2011.

  9. erin - i am so down with the coffee and bailey's. perhaps on more than just christmas morning? i think so. and yeah...it should be my christmas card. perfect idea.

  10. I think we shall have a Christmas party. When I say we I mean you and me... because did I tell you? J's contract has been extended! Woohoo! And I looooove Christmas.

  11. molly this is so exciting!!! i am pumped!

  12. OMG I LOVE CHRISTMAS I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I'll stop with the all caps but I just can't help it when I talk about CHRISTMAS.

    One of my favorite traditions is snow cream. I had my first ever white Christmas in Alabama last year so it was amazing to get to make it that day. It sounds gross, but it's delicious.

    First, you need some good clean snow. This may be harder to find in NY than in the middle of nowhere, Alabama, but maybe you'll get lucky.

    Just mix your snow with a little milk, sugar, and vanilla extract and you have snow cream! It is soooo good and tastes like childhood to me.

  13. alana - it is *quite* hard to find clean snow, but that does sound delicious. Perhaps right when it starts falling...

  14. I love the whole baking idea :). I can't wait for this splendid holiday either!!

    Hurray! Fellow runners :). I enjoy running barefoot at times. And I have this weird view that if you run fast enough, you can escape and leave everything behind you. I do these long hard sprints when I'm feeling down or if somethings bothering me. (:

  15. I love this! Christmas is upon up and I love all things Christmas!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  16. Is that the Jesus that is playing on his Baby Einstein:)

    I love everything about Christmas...friends, family, giving gifts, receiving gifts, eating like a pig.

    We go all out decorating. Like Santa threw up on our house. This year I really want to buy a leg lamp to put in our window. I think our neighbors will either love it or think we are weirdos:)


  17. pp&p - omg please get that lamp, i would just die.


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