Tuesday, October 18, 2011

on being morbid.

heeeeeeey ya'll! i'm back!!! did you miss me? i missed you. so. much.
these past few days have been hectic with work and travel, along with a friend staying with me last minute on sunday. aaaaaaaaaaand since my blog is a secret (except to you!), no posting happened.
now, this worried me for a hot minute. a very, very, hot minute. because when one of you doesn't post for a day, and i'm a daily reader, by about 5'o'clock i'm pretty sure you're dead. you've usually perished in a car accident, in case you'd like to know. and since your husband, or boyfriend, or roommate, doesn't know the password to your blog, we'll never know what happened. i really do get a little upset and anxious. no need to hide how type a i am here. it is my blog. and then the next day you post about, like, how ohmygod fall is like ohmygod so amazing and ohmygod did you see the leaves and ohmygod lattes.
and then i feel better.
but don't feel weird - this happens in all areas of my life. when i text the boy and he doesn't text back in like, give or take ten minutes, he's dead too. also a car accident. i suppose living in the city makes me think that the only reason someone would be unavailable is a car accident. i know you didn't just lose signal in the subway. amiright?
so, sooooooooo, you can imagine my joy when a daily reader reached out to me to make sure i was ok. because let's face it people, i post everyday like clockwork. and no posting on friday or monday should cause some worry. it looks like my readers have a morbid streak, just like me. and she was basically like, hey, i wanted to make sure you're ok, and that, like, nothing drastic happened with your tit or something.
oh man, i was so happy. you guys worry about me AND my tits! could a girl ask for more?
anyways, i'm proud to report that i am fine and my tatas are still hanging in there and doing their best to fill a small to medium-sized bra.
now, shall we look at the things i ate this weekend?!
we shall!
pumpkin pancakes. i know you guys love this stuff.
spaghetti with clams!!!!
gnocchi!!!! carbs dominated the weekend.
in other news, i got an iphone. this blog is about to cray cray. i hope ya'll are ready.


  1. Oh, I'm completely morbid as well. But only when it comes to certain people. For example, my bf. He's usually very quick to answer my call/text even when he's busy, so when he doesn't I start freaking out. If 30 minutes pass, he's in a coma. Haha!

    Gnocchi is my favorite. There's this place that (I believe) makes the best gnocchi ever. It's called Caffe del Mare. Have you heard of it? It's sooooo good and they are my absolute favorite Italian restaurant ever.

  2. Lol Colleen! I checked in a couple of times but I assumed you were on wedding business still (or maybe joining a protest?) I admit to being morbid too, although my friends call it over-dramatic. I am particularly guilty of this when I hear more than one siren in the middle of the night (not uncommon in London) and I wonder if there has been some world disaster while I have been sleeping. When I get stuck in traffic jams I assume there has been a 20 car pile up and if we get that weird service message on the television, naturally I assume that the end is nigh. P.S you live near ABC? Very jealous!

  3. Colleen you're back!! On Friday I was only slightly worried when you didn't post because I was also traveling and didn't have much time for blog activity. But then yesterday I was seriously freaking out and assuming the worst and I was wondering if you were on twitter so I could tweet you and ask if you were ok because I thought that would be the fastest way to find out if you indeed did get into a car accident or not. I also am so morbid and always go to the car accident scenario first. Anyway, I'm so glad you're back, friend! :)

  4. meaghen - i'm glad i'm not the only one who worries! i'm pretty sure it's a womanly thing.

    sherri lynn - i missed you too! also, i just got an iphone and i'm pretty sure i'll be on twitter by friday. consider me your newest follower. so glad to be back.

  5. Haha, the tone of this post is really funny. It's super intense and a little manic. I like it.

    And I want to follow you on The Twitters. Let's make it happen.

  6. erin - i know? i feel like you get a better glimpse of what i can be like when i have just a bit too much caffeine before writing a post. i'm thinking of setting up twitter tonight - i will definitely be following you, too!

  7. Pick me! Pick me for The Twitters, too!

    Glad your tit is okay and the rest of you as well. :)

    Sisters in Morbidity, among many other things

  8. This post is hysterical, but really truthful! Glad you are ok, certainly looks like a great weekend foodwise! That gnocci is calling my name.

  9. Everything about this post was hilarious! Almost makes it worth the wait. ;) I considered commenting yesterday with something like "WHO told you that you could take a DAY OFF??" but decided you might not appreciate it. How I wish I had now!

    I am morbid too. Mike texts me every day when he leaves work and he now knows that if he takes any longer than 22 minutes to get home I will start calling local hospitals.

    I've also thought about what would happen to my blog if I died. I plan on telling Mike how to post so he can fill everyone in if something happens. I think something is wrong with us.

    I'm glad your tatas are ok! "filling out a small to medium-sized bra" I laughed out loud!

  10. I came back to tell you to get Instagram, and then saw the twitter stuff. DO IT.

  11. I am the exact same morbid way. I get anxious when people who are regular posted disappear for a while.

    Looks like you ate well this weekend. Pumpkin pancakes are one of the best things about fall.



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