Thursday, October 20, 2011

on dreary weather.

trying to be positive in the face of adversity.
today was pretty dreary in nyc. and it got me thinking of a story i could tell you. of when the weather was also dreary.
naturally, ohio came up.
now i know we're all from different places and have different feelings and opinions about our homes. and some of you may be from ohio. so i won't exactly say what i think of ohio. but let's review the facts, shall we?
at the beginning of my second year in grad school, we decided to take a boys and girls trip to ohio. a car filled with boys. a car filled with girls. one boy was from ohio and we were going to do fun things like go to put-in-bay and ride roller coasters at cedar point. it was ambitious, i'll admit, but we were just kids with dreams. what actually happened was:
it rained the whole time
one cab driver drove a large van, and his seat was held in place by bungee cords because of his size
the other cab we found at put-in-bay was a powder blue limo from the 1980's, and hadn't been cleaned since that time
a man wearing a t-shirt saying "single-ish" tried to spank me with a paddle
i lost my license (see picture. i happened to have my passport on me. only me folks, only me.)
a tornado hit on the way home
we ran out of gas
the financial system collapsed
ok. fine. ohio is not responsible for the last one. but still. today may have been dreary. but it was not that dreary. i feel better, don't you?


  1. hahaha you have some of the best stories!

  2. YIKES! i hate tornadoes and icky cabs. sounds rough!

  3. Well when you put it like that, I feel heaps better about my day now! :) Laughed out loud at the 'single-ish' shirt!

  4. Seriously, who carries their passport around? And what business puts up a sign stating that they accept passports? I call bullshit. You made this all up. I'm on to you, my little shipwrecker.

    Awaiting your thoughts on your new pet name.

  5. no BS! i'm even holding it in the picture.

    the long story is - i left my passprt in a bag i took up to nyc for my internship. i needed my passport when i started my internship as a form of identification. i forgot it was in there once i went back to nashville. when quickly packing for ohio i grabbed this bag, which was incredibly fortuitious because i lost my license in ohio.

    true story. that's my life.

    and i love my nickname.

  6. Once I got on a bus headed from Guadalajara to Mexico City with my passport in my backpack. Then the tour guide stood up and said, "Any of you who have your passports with you right now are idiots."

    That's when I knew it was going to be a good trip.

    And "a man wearing a t-shirt saying "single-ish" tried to spank me with a paddle"? I want a whole post just on that.


  8. I have never actually been to Ohio, but I did have a teacher in high school who used to say, "better dead than Cleveland." It wasn't a great sales pitch. I still have a need to go check it out for myself.


  9. Hahahah! This was so amusing :)!


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