Wednesday, October 19, 2011

on a fall bridal shower outfit.

so it has finally arrived. the last wedding event of the year. a bridal shower. my favorite.
wink wink. nudge nudge.
i'm headed to jersey on saturday for this wonderful affair, where i will eat enough italian food to make the trip worth it. however, i have been having difficulty coming up with an outfit. i feel like i have many more night dresses than day dresses in my winter wardrobe. let's be fun and call them lady of the night dresses. you know, to make mom proud.
i'm trying to put together an outfit and scouring the sale racks, but we don't have to live in reality on the internetz and deal with things like "budgets", so let's have some fun. if i could wear anything, no matter the cost, it would be one of these outfits. i think they would make victoria beckham proud, which, let's face it, is pretty much my number one goal in life.
fall bridal shower

1. Zac Posen pleated dress - $1,850 -
2. Dorothy Perkins red dress - £30 -
3. Christian louboutin pumps - £495 -
4. Giuseppe Zanotti high heels - $695 -
5. Yves saint laurent handbag - €1.498 -
6. Yves Saint Laurent envelope clutch - $645 -


  1. It sucks living in reality! I pick the red dress number... oooh just noticed it's a dorothy perkins special. Bad Colleen. Now I have to go and get it.

  2. I choose the blue & nude one. Gorgeous picks! Now I want something I need to dress up all lady-like for!

  3. I'm pretty sure I couldn't pull either of these off.

  4. Perfect outfits - I love the colors.

  5. Making Victoria Beckham proud is totally my life goal as well! I love these outfits-that red dress is perfectioN!


    Erin @

  6. Gosh, that blue dress is divine. Actually, the red one is too. *converting pounds to dollars in my head*


  7. Wow! So pretty dresses. Wish to have red one for Valentine’s Day party at one of Los Angeles wedding venues. Planning to purchase from online as have already purchased some from there and very happy with its silk fabric and decent price. Hope will get a similar dress there.


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