Thursday, October 13, 2011

on long-awaited moments.

it's kind of been wedding week around here. i'm a little sorry about that, but then again it's my blog, so i suppose i'm allowed to do whatever i want. and here we are.
when katey and i grew up, we rarely talked about our future weddings. we weren't really those girls. but what we did know is that we would be one another's maid of honor. and i'll admit, i thought about that a lot. helping her get dressed. arranging her train and veil. giving her a speech. i couldn't wait. these were moments i really wanted to remember and savor once they got here, which is the funny thing about weddings. you plan them for months, maybe a year, and the day goes by just as quickly as the other ones. it doesn't stop, waiting for you to take it all in, it just keeps on going. so as i got katey into her dress, and arranged her train at the back of the cathedral, and gave my speech, i kept telling myself to embrace the moment and live it as fully as possible. sometimes our lives changes so quickly in little moments that we're not able to fully remember, that when we can be conscious of the significance, it helps.
how do you hold onto your moments? and which ones meant the most to you?


  1. Great photo.

    I stop and notice details. For example if I am playing with Westley I'll stop running over the list in my head over and over and just look at his peach fuzz head and how the light is hitting it and his eyelashes and how long they are.

    I try to shut the noise in my head off and focus on the present. It's not an easy skill for me, but I'm working on it.

  2. Another thought provoking post! (Also really love the maid of honor pic, it looks like you were a really good one)! I sometimes struggle to hold onto moments, my mind tends to be moving onto the next worry or activity and then by the time my mind quietens down, the moment has passed. I think we could all use little reminders to slow down, relax and really live through a moment. I think I also need to be reminded that it's not just relevant to the big events in life, but the little everday moments are important to take in too (unless you are standing in line at the bank or something). :)

  3. This is how I live my life. I anticipate all of those significant moments and then when they come and go I'm sad at how quickly they passed. Moments like seeing Caleb down on one knee proposing, walking down the aisle to get married, seeing my nieces and nephew minutes after they were each born - that's the good stuff of life.

  4. candis - yes, i can imagine a baby really makes you want to stop and take it in. such a fleeting and amazing time of life.

    meghan - the everday moments are so important, too. thanks for adding that.

    sherri - i kind of teared up at yours. i can't wait to experience some of those, and i love that you made an effort to hold onto those!

  5. lovely photo & post. such moments are so surreal in the moment. i love to savor them with a few photos and reflections, just as you've done dear!

  6. Your hair looks so fabulous.

    I just try to take a deep breath. My Grandma Beanie always explained that she didn't have a lot of pictures of her life, but she said, "I can still see the special moments in my mind."

  7. erin - that is so perfect. and true.

  8. Beautiful post.

    Being an annoyingly happy newlywed, I have those moments all the time. Sometimes I just stop and smile, sometimes I say a prayer of thanks, and sometimes I tell Mike what I'm thinking-usually to discover that he's thinking the same thing.

    And then of course after the moment has passed I write it down so I can revisit it forever.

  9. Gorgeous! I like to relive them or anticipate them. I share them with the ones who I love most and who are closest to me :)

  10. Hello beautiful friend!

    I am just now catching up on life (read: my favey blogs, read: yours). A get together soon is a muuuuust.

    I try to capture those special moments in my heart and my mind with the gentle reminder, "Molly, do not forget this..."


  11. WOW! What a beautiful - and very truthful - post! I loved it and couldn't agree more! My wedding day was the most special day of my life! I knew going into it how quickly it would pass by, so I went into it SAVORING it all! Every single second! Every expression and tear!

  12. I love this! I am the same way with my best friend. It's amazing how life just keeps on steamrolling forward! I think the only way I capture moments and relive them are via photos (on facebook-sadly).


    Erin @


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