Monday, October 24, 2011

on my weekend in pictures.

big weekend here guys, big weekend.
obviously, that's a lie.
saturday found me heading to jersey early in the morning for the bridal shower.
the shower was very italian. and very jersey. this warmed my little sequin loving heart, of course. sunday morning i found myself at the gym as i am a glutton for torture, and therefore i rewarded myself all day long. first, the pound of sushi i had for lunch.
followed by a pound of pasta carbonara (recipe coming tomorrow), on one of my new(!) vintage plates.
as this was not enough to replenish me, i really brought it home with dessert. i present, pumpkin ice cream sprinkled with chocolate covered potato chips.
did i just blow your mind? i'm sure i did. give yourself a minute. relax. compose yourself. and then head to tradee joe's and pick up both of these items, immediately.
so, like i said, big weekend. hope yours was as delicious.


  1. Looking at all that food really makes my stomach grumble. Especially the pasta. Looking forward to that recipe! And I'm loving the first photo. So dreamy.

  2. Love that first photo!! The food all look delicious. I have to say I think I would like that ice cream potato chip combo.

  3. I could go for a pound of sushi about now! And chocolate covered potato chips... yes please! :-)

  4. I still haven't been to a Trader Joe's, but this has convinced me!

    But first, sushi. I pretty much hate Mike right now because he promised to take me to get sushi before he left and FAILED. And apparently it's one of those things I can't do alone yet. Baby steps.

  5. That first picture is lovely.

    And, I also eat sushi by the pound. Delicious.

  6. Holy cow I am hungry now! Looking forward to the pasta recipe (very pretty plate BTW) and cursing the fact that I didn't know about the pumpkin ice-cream and potato chip sprinkles when I was in NY a couple of weeks ago! My life is incomplete!


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