Thursday, October 6, 2011

on risks.

taken on the move from philly to nashville.
the biggest, craziest thing i have ever done with my life was move to nashville. the spring before i graduated from college, i toured law schools in california. by fall i was studying for the gmat and applying to business school. actually, i only applied to one business school. it was that one school, and nothing else. i did all of this for a boy. we had finally decided that after years of toying with the idea, we should be together.
i saw him twice after moving to nashville.
i moved to nashville for him. i moved to nashville because after not going there for college, i promised my 17-year-old self i would. (and i actually followed through.) i moved to nashville because i had to be anywhere but philadelphia. i moved to nashville because i was young, and free, and i could.
since my years in nashville, and the ones following, my life has been filled with pinch-me moments. brought on by jobs, people, cities, travel, and pretty much anything else in between. moments where i have felt so lucky and fulfilled and giddy and happy. and i wonder - what if i didn't move to nashville? what if i never met that boy? what if i never promised myself i'd go there? what if i never told myself, you've got nothing to lose?

" Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose." -- Steve Jobs


  1. What a great quote from such a brilliant man. I am so glad you have had such wonderful life experiences.

    And I am thankful our experiences brought us together in this grand city. xoxo

  2. molly - so am i, lady, so am i.

  3. I love looking back and knowing you made the right decision, even if it seemed kind of crazy! Great quote, too.

  4. Good quote! I love looking back on life and all the different decisions I've made and where that's landed me.

  5. Colleen where's the "About Me" section of this blog? I need more back story here. Where are you originally from? Are you a lawyer? Aaaaaaaand why don't you date boys with first names?

  6. erin - you crack me up. first, no i am not a lawyer. second, is it sad but even after all this time i have no idea how to do that? or to personalize my header? i'm a blogging failure.

  7. Add a gadget on the right side, linking to a stand alone "About Me" page. And give me what I waaaaaaaaaant.

    And umm, why did you ignore the boy question?

  8. erin - ok. i will try to do that sometime in the next two weeks. promise. second, don't worry. the names will eventually come out. you'll see. another promise.

  9. I love that quote so much...! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. hi there.
    i always have thought that i didn't want to finish my life with a pile of What Ifs.

  11. Colleen-that is amazing! I would love to live in Nashville for a time in my life! The energy is so magnetic there-and I love country music! Thank you for ending this post with a Steve Jobs quote. I cannot believe he's gone. He definitely has left quite a legacy and so many lovely quotes for us to remember and reflect on what a genius he was.


    Erin @

  12. I'm glad to hear that move has led to so many wonderful experiences. It's kinda amazing what can happen when you just take a chance. I kinda feel the same way about moving to California. I thought my move to Chicago was gutsy but I think the Cali move is the biggest deal. I've never once regretted it!

    Perfect quote, too.


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