Tuesday, November 22, 2011

on being thankful.

well i'm off for the holiday, so it will be quiet around here for a few days. this year i'm very thankful for all of the people i hold dearly in my life. the past few weeks they have supported me, loved me, and most importantly, forgiven me for mistakes i have made. i am a very lucky girl, to say the least.
i hope y'all have a wonderful holiday - eat lots of pie, turkey and stuffing (of course), and get lots of sleep. see ya on monday!


  1. Hope you have a lovely holiday Colleen! Take lots of pictures of the yummy food!

  2. Yummy sounds really delicious! Really nice post!!

    Take a look and if you like follow me, I’ll be waiting for you: Cosa mi metto???

  3. Have a great Thanksgiving, Colleen!!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Colleen! I know your cooking will put mine to shame.

    (P.S. That girl up there is WAITING FOR YOU. :/)

  5. hope you have a great few days with people you love :)

    happy thanksgiving!

  6. hope you had an amazing thanksgiving!

  7. I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving, Colleen:)



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