Wednesday, November 16, 2011

on the best sandwich in nyc.

when you first move to nyc, you have three goals: 1 - find your favorite local pizza place, 2 - find your favorite local bagel and 3 - find your favorite local sandwich. this is the first step in authenticating yourself as someone who lives in new york - whenever people visit they will want to know your favorite pizza/bagel/sandwich. and you best have an answer for them.
and so i introduce my favorite sandwich spot, hands down: defonte's. the original store is in brooklyn, and a few years before i moved here they opened up one near my apartment.
via here.
it's an old-school nyc place. the people who work there call you sweetheart and doll, there are pictures of frank sinatra on the walls and you usually find yourself bobbing your head to the temptations or the supremes.
also, they put very thin slices of fried eggplant on every sandwich, which is like a love letter to my little foodie heart. definitely stop by the next time you're in nyc.


  1. I just had dinner but that looks really yummy and I think I want some of that now. =) I'll be sure to put that on my list next time I visit New York. =)

  2. Next time I come to NYC, I'm going to have you take me here. K thanks.

  3. Yum, and yum-o. I want one yesterday.

  4. Now I know I could never live in NYC without gaining an entire person. Hopefully I can at least visit and only gain a toddler.

  5. This looks delicious! I'm obsessed with sandwiches and I love these oldtime sandwich shops (especially in NYC)!


    Erin @

  6. You make living in NYC look like there is no other place worth living in, in the world! I love this!!!

  7. Dan Flanders saw this pic when you posted it on instagram and he immediately said, We're going there.

    You'll have to meet us there, doll.


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