Tuesday, November 8, 2011

on chandler the cat.

reunited and it feels so good.
my roommate and i got chandler the cat in our sophomore year of college, after vividly discussing him our freshmen year of college. emphasis on the word vivid. at one point our friends asked us to stop talking about the cat we hadn't gotten yet, because they felt excluded / weirded out. emphasis on the latter.
baby chandler.
after college i moved away and my roommate kept chandler, and now i get to see him once or twice a year if i'm really lucky. i like to think he remembers me, since he slept by my side all of saturday night, but most likely it's because i was the warmest thing around. we have a lot of good memories with chandler.
picking another kitten before him at the pound, only to find that one was already taken. we settled with chandler, and it proved to be the best thing.
making him wear a sweater at night to help him fall asleep.
how ridiculously long his whiskers are.
our suspicion that he's half lynx, from the tufts of hair on his ears. and that he can jump on top of a bookcase that's over six feet tall when he's on the ground.
his loathing of toothpaste.
his love of pushing things off counter tops, particularly if they're made of glass.
his desire for all things puffed: cheese curls, rice cakes, and so forth.
chandler, like most cats, is a total weirdo. but of course that's what makes them lovable, and provides many laughs.
do you have a pet? did you have a pet growing up? would you like to share a funny animal story to make my day go faster? please, the floor is yours.


  1. Chandler is adorable! I love the little tufts of fur on the tops of his ears! We don't have any pets at the moment but we do have a rogue city squirrel that opens our garden gate and then runs away (I've been trying to catch it on camera for ages). His name is Gaston, we think he might be French.

  2. gaston the squirrel! i love it.

  3. I love Chandler's name! Perfect for a cat. And his whiskers are seriously out of control! I don't think I have any funny animal stories... I had a dog growing up and then a different dog in high school and college. I would love a puppy now but we're waiting until we at least buy a house!

  4. Chandler is so adorable! My roommate in college had a kitty named George. He was a total weirdo who loved to play fetch with lollipop sticks and eat french fries. I was his foster mom our senior year b/c she decided to be a RA and couldn't have him in the dorms with her. It was so sad when we graduated b/c she moved to Virginia and took George with her. I miss that little guy!

  5. Oh my goodness. We had so many pets growing up, I think that's why I'm kind of eh about them now. We lived in the country so there was always a motley group of random cats and dogs hanging around our house. And then there were all the hamsters (it started with two but they multiply like the Irish!), the iguana that kept trying to escape, and the turtle that DID escape...at least until we found his empty shell in the back of the hall closet while spring-cleaning.

    I'm trying to stall on the pet thing until we have babies and they grow up and start begging for them, but Mike's not having it. Maybe I can borrow Chandler and by myself some time?

  6. oh. my. goodness. he is so stinkin' cute. and chandler is such a cute name, too!

  7. Soo cute! I had a dog growing up. She was wonderful. Unfortunately we had to put her down my Sophomore year of college-but she lived for a lot longer than her life expectancy-which was awesome!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  8. Baby chandler is so cute, and now look at him, all fat and happy! I love it! :)

  9. My college bff and I started a normal Saturday morning like so many others we shared: going to the big city an hour away for a day of shopping.

    We came home the adoptive parents of Gracie, an Australian Shepherd mix.

    She now lives with my parents in Alabama.

  10. molly - this sounds like a story you need to blog about...


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