Monday, November 14, 2011

on fall in central park.

this weekend, true to my word, i went up to central park, cappuccino in hand, and wandered around taking it all in.
as i've said before, i don't really get out to central park enough, and it's kind of the bombdotcom. besides the 5K this past summer, the only time i've been there is for a picnic with the boy when i first moved here.
we came to the park after a very full day. we walked across the brooklyn bridge. we wandered around brooklyn. we ate hot dogs (obviously). we stopped at a random bar, where we called his mom to see if she would tell us how she and her dad met. (doesn't everyone call their mom from the bar?) then we finally made our way back to manhattan.
even though we were tired and running behind, i had a schedule, and gosh darnit we were going to central park for our picnic.
so we went, and there we found ourselves, instead of enjoying the sunset, in the pitch black next to a lamppost enjoying our picnic. i was so focused on my "ohmygodohmygodisn'tnewyorkcitythebestohmygod", that it didn't really hit me until i was fumbling for my sandwich in the dark that perhaps i went a little overboard.
true to form he was a good sport, and true to form i acted like i wasn't worried about getting mugged and someone stealing our sparkling water.
and after all, it wasn't new york city that we were both falling love with.
and that was fine by me.


  1. I so wanted to see Central Park in the middle of Autumn! Your photos make me want to hop on a plane and come back immediately!

  2. Pretty pictures! My favorite is the second to last. Pretty much all the time I'm jealous you live in New York. And I don't.

  3. Sherri - the second to the last is my favorite too! and if it makes you feel better, when I got off the subway this morning there was a grown man pooping on the platform. so, you know, there are trade-offs. those are the moments when I close my eyes and try to think about central park in the fall...

  4. absolutely gorgeous pictures. i LIVE for the city in the fall/winter.

  5. Gorgeous images! The light is just wonderful through the trees!


    Erin @

  6. Ha! The man pooping on the platform.

    Balance, indeed.

  7. Oh these picture. I swoon.

    I'm glad you went. I feel like when something amazing is "next door" we often take it for granted. Like, I use to live ten minutes from the Pacific Ocean. I just didn't go enough.


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