Thursday, November 10, 2011

on savoring the last of fall.

via here.
fall is coming to an end here in nyc. i can feel the chill coming. the last few nice days i'm going to take the time to savor. this weekend will find me:
+ wandering around central park with a cappuccino
+ at the farmer's market
+ wearing big sweaters, no coats
+ enjoying brunch outside, bundled up, with a friend
+ baking my little heart, using apples and pumpkins
+ going on long runs along the east river in the perfect, crisp weather
+ make my stuffing that was a hit last year and share it with y'all
anything else i should add to my list?


  1. Your weekend sounds like perfection! I want to live in New York in the fall.

  2. Sounds pretty similar to my weekend plans...

  3. Hey Love. In honor of my Birthday today I'm doing a major $150 gift card to my favorite jewelry designer's website. I hope you'll join. xo

  4. Yes. Create 17 Winter crafts. Then hang them somewhere.

    Or don't.

    I plan to wear socks this weekend. And sleep in past 5 am. I haven't done that in quite a while.

  5. This makes me a little sad. It feels like fall just got here and everyone should still be excited about pumpkin spice lattes and the leaves changing. But fall ending means that Christmas is coming, so I can't be too sad. :)

  6. Your weekend sounds like a dream!! I would love to stroll around Central Park with a cappuccino...ahh how amazing!

  7. fall and summer are both around in atlanta...i wish it would just stay fall already!

  8. Fall, and your blog, have me absolutely twitterpated.



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