Friday, December 30, 2011

on 2011.

and so ends my first year in blogging. it has brought me more than i thought, that's for sure. i love interacting with my daily readers and i'm so thrilled i have made friends through this creative outlet. blogging has made me cook more, write more, think more, and get out more. i have really loved it, but above all, i have really loved getting to know you guys. this year hasn't always been easy, but having this outlet has made it better and allowed me to reflect more on everything i've been through. thank you for reading my ramblings and sharing yours with me - it's truly been a highlight of this year.
so without further ado, my favorite photos, posts and recipes from 2011.
you got to meet him early on.
and we talked a lot about the virtues of champagne.
my first of many turns as a bridesmaid this year in lovely florida.
we spent a day at the brooklyn brewery...
and took one of my favorite pictures of the year.
my deep love for hot dogs was revealed along the way.
we shared some of our favorite date spots in the big city,
and celebrated 2 (!) years together.
i introduced you to the greatest breakfast sandwich, ever,
and the best shirt ever made.
i've made this recipe the most out of every one i've put on the blog.
we started the summer by celebrating a dear friend's engagement.
we went to baseball games,
and ate a lot of bbq.
i got to visit a good friend,
and visit my favorite state with my favorite guy.
i wrote about figuring out life,
and fear, two of my favorite posts.
i hosted my first bridal shower,
and took my first vacation with the boy and his family.
i started the fall by making a new blogging friend, in real life(!),
and having a best friend move to nyc.
while another dear friend left nyc.
i finally ate the best pancakes in nyc (worth the wait!)
and was finally maid of honor to my lifelong best friend (also, worth the wait!)
the fall brought a lot of reflection for me,
and i wrote about the love for my city,
but my favorite post this year was about rivers.
the year ended with visiting my favorite cat and friends in philly,
taking in the fall in central park and taking my favorite picture of the year,
and sharing my favorite holiday recipe.
i went to jamaica for thanksgiving, and then
christmas came,
and i shared it with the new people in my life,
and the ones who have been around for awhile.
all in all, good and bad, it was a year i loved. 2011 wasn't my best year, but i do think i grew a lot, learned a lot, and had a hell of a time doing it. can't wait to see what 2012 brings all of us.


  1. I love this recap! Your posts on the rivers and on fear were also two of my favorites. And that pic of central park in the fall is definitely my all-time fave of yours!

  2. I just love your recap. So many great pictures. The one on the swing in front of the SOL is so haunting. Definitely my favorite. And my favorite post was about the shipwreck.

    Happy New year to you! I look forward to seeing what 2012 will bring to your blog:)


  3. I like this reflection and the time it took to write/upload photos/links. It looks like it was a good year for Colleen.

    And now I really want a hot dog.

  4. Seems like a ver good year! I hope yu have a great 2012!

  5. I freakin love this post.

    But I love you more.

    I am glad 2011 brought us together... cheers to 2012!

  6. You forgot that you told us the infamous shipwreck story!


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