Thursday, December 29, 2011

on a christmas quiche.

i made this quiche christmas morning and it was a hit. everyone had seconds (except for me, because we ran out). again, another food and wine recipe that's easy and delicious. but like my dad said, if you put bacon into something, you really can't go wrong.
first you ready the crust by baking it alone - 20 minutes covered in foil with dried beans or pie weights in the pan, and then 10 minutes uncovered. it looks sad all empty like that, but don't worry - it gets filled up real quick-like.
after sautéing the bacon pieces for about eight minutes, you drain them while sautéing the leek with some thyme in the bacon fat. when using a dried herb use half the amount that the recipe calls for - dried herbs contain much more flavor than herbs in their freshly picked form. finally, combine the bacon, leeks and cheese in the pie crust. i used parm instead of gruyere, for obvious reasons to you long-time readers.
then add the cream and egg mixture. bake it for 30 minutes, and broil it for a minute to brown the top of the quiche.
i made this the night before, so christmas morning i just popped it back in the oven to warm up and got to relax before my family came over. it was a great start to the holiday.


  1. mm I love quiche. One of my 2012 goals should be to make it more.

  2. I make a similar recipe, but with pancetta, and it is so rich and fantastic. Definitely a festive recipe.



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