Friday, December 2, 2011

on a festive weekend.

this is what sits right outside of my office. kind of cool. i'm sure in a few weeks i will feel differently as the tourists descend on my office building. such is the conundrum of this city. since getting back from thanksgiving, i haven't had a great opportunity to celebrate and decorate for christmas. so this weekend i'm going to try and get into the spirit a little more by...
+ going to the union square christmas market
+ buying lots of good chocolate in brooklyn for multiple loved ones back in virginia
+ decorating my apartment
+ watching elf, a classic
+ wearing some festive red lipstick
i hope your weekend is merry and bright!


  1. I wonder if when I was one of those descending tourists you were sitting right there in your office?! I'm sure all of the tourists at Christmastime gets old but it doesn't change the fact that I'm super jealous that this is where you get to live+work every day!

  2. Why are you always making me jealous, Colleen? GAH.

  3. Two nights in a row. TWO.

    I may need to watch Elf with you, just sayin.

  4. Gorgeous. I am so jealous of you and Molly both. I went to see the tree in SF's union square yesterday. Not the same.

  5. this is lovely. it looks so magical! how wonderful it must be to live in N.Y.!



  6. OMG, that tree is pretty spectacular!

  7. i would love to see that in person!

  8. Let's talk about the Union Square Christmas Market. Exactly what does that entail? Because it sounds awesome.

  9. Just started decorating my place & ordered some gifts online yesterday! That tree is sensational! I hope your weekend has been wonderful, Colleen!


    Erin @

  10. GASP! you are so lucky. i can imagine it does get a bit annoying, but omg, this is breathtaking. amazing post, love. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my Holiday party post. xo

  11. It is so cool to work next to something so iconic.



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