Wednesday, December 7, 2011

on gift giving.

i have three things i like to do best.
give gifts.
eat hot dogs.
and drink champagne.
preferably all at the same time.
two out of three ain't bad.
but today we'll be talking about gifts. it seriously is my favorite thing ever. ever. i wish there more holidays and birthdays so i could give people more gifts. i love trying to figure out what someone would want - what would surprise them, or show them that you've been listening to them. and when you get it right? man, it is the best. first, let's start with some manly gifts that have caught my eye and could be used for various men in your life.
whiskey set ($60)
book ($17.15)

j. crew cashmere sweater ($198)

the first gift can be found in a store here in nyc, and helps keep whiskey warm while also not diluting the flavor - basically the opposite of ice, which can be good in winter. the second pick is a book from amazon (or any local book store) and is titled "The Limit: Life and Death on the 1961 Grand Prix Circuit". it tells the story of the first American-born driver to win the grand prix. i don't know much about cars, but this book is perfect for any guy that has an interest in cars - the reviews make it clear that's an exciting and interesting read. finally, a j. crew cashmere sweater, which i have talked about before. it may be better to get one on sale after the holiday, but it's worth the splurge either way. and christmas night they can sit down by the fire, whiskey in hand, new sweater on, ready to start their new book. pretty perf if you ask me.
next up, ladies' picks from etsy.
pic name
criminal minds mug - $13

pic name
necklace - $30

pic name
love print - $18

the mug is a blatant pick for my mother. if you don't watch criminal minds, get. on. it. it's awesome. except during hurricane irene when i watched about 10 hours of it. then you won't sleep for days. but mostly, awesome. my mom is an even bigger fan than i am, particularly of the character dr. spencer reid. she'll flip when she opens this - another reason to love etsy. next up is a necklace that is a blatant pick for me, but i think it's still beautiful for anyone. it's rosegold, which i'm kind of having a moment with and have had a moment with for a few years now, and it is delicate and beautiful. i like that the person you give it to can carry a little bit of luck around with them throughout the day. who doesn't need that? lastly, a geographically personalized love print. the example i show is nyc, but the shop has tons of different ones - san fran, ireland, baltimore - you name it, they have it. and if they don't, they can make it. perfect to give to a loved one you live far away from, or if you're living far away from home with your spouse, they can give it to you, referencing where you came from (what up virginia!) it's a print that warms my heart.
finally, generic gifts.




society 6 sells a million different iphone cases. no exaggeration there. the above three are just a few of my favorites. whether it's for an old or new iphone user, one gift certificate to this store can let their imagination roam free. i'd hesitate from buying one for them, unless you know what they want, because there are so many cool choices. each case costs $35, so one gift certificate should do the trick. the only bad thing about the store is that they only make iphone cases - if only they covered all phones.
what about you? anything to add to this short list of ideas?


  1. I was actually thinking about the whiskey stones for the bf this year. They're a bit on the pricy side, especially considering we agreed not to spend over $100 this year. But it's a contender, for sure.

  2. My guy's dad will love the whiskey stones! As for me, I will take ALL of the girl gifts thank you! Although I don't watch criminal minds so that mug would be a bit random!

  3. These are great picks! I understand why we are such good blog (and hello - real!) friends: giving gifts is my favorite thing to do! And last night when we got in bed I told Caleb I really wanted some hot dogs. He said the grocery store was down the road and I could help myself.

  4. sherri lynn - i love it! his response was perfect, too.

  5. I've been working on my wishlist too--now I might have to add to it! Those iPhone cases are gorgeous.

  6. Great picks! I in particularly love the whiskey set and the horse shoe necklace! The whiskey set would be perfect for my brother!


    Erin @


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