Friday, December 16, 2011

on my sistine chapel.

the first time i made this pie, i gave it to my go-to taste taster. you know, the guy who will eat anything and tell you what's up. i'm a big baker, and i would give this friend all sorts of things to taste. some good. some not so good. he took a bite of this pie, looked at me very sternly, and said,
"colleen. this is your sistine chapel."
talk about a compliment.
and so it is now known as my sistine chapel pie.
it's also the easiest thing i make. so yeah. make this. and make it now.
the stars of the show. also includes white and brown sugar and vanilla extract. they are obviously not the stars.
the recipe is from emeril over at the food network (i don't include the caramel drizzle).
see that cutting board my ingredients are on? that's the size of my countertop. literally people. that's all i have to work with. so no, i don't make my own crust and roll it out. i'm not fancy like that. deal with it.
unfortunately, my frozen store-bought pie crust did not thaw according to my timeline. so when i unrolled it, it broke into 9 pieces. yay! luckily, anything that is made with a ridiculous amount of butter can be remolded into whatever you desire. thus, all those tiny little thumbprints. no wonder paula deen loves butter so much.
the first big step is mixing together the pecans and chocolate chips. not super difficult. a five-year-old could make this pie and knock the socks off people.
then the fun part. combine the eggs and sugar and corn syrup and pour that shiz alllllllllllll over the pecans and chocolate chips. i'm excited just looking at it. and see, that's the best part about chocolate pecan pie (and why i will most likely never make pecan pie again). the chocolate helps cut through some of the intense sweetness of pecan pie. and i say that as someone who eats a ridiculous amount of sugar each day. it's just better this way.
50 minutes later...
out comes this bad boy.
ten minutes to put together. fifty minutes in the oven. a lifetime of people telling you that this pie is your sistine chapel.
that's what i call priceless.


  1. I will testify.

    Colleen's Sistine Chapel it is.

    Craving it even now.

  2. molly - ...i had a piece for breakfast. oops. and i'll make it again for you!

  3. Mmmmm looks delicious. You know what else would be good? If you made this with peaches instead of chocolate...whoa.

  4. colleen - whaaaaa?! girl you crazy. and i like it. (and your name).

  5. I am not surprised that this is your sistine chapel. This looks amazing! For the first time I tried pecan pie over Thanksgiving and I liked it! I think once I make this pie of yours I'll never go back to plain.

  6. sherri lynn - i didn't try pecan pie for a really long time too, and also really liked it. combined with chocolate though, makes it amazing. you won't eat plain again! definitely try this recipe out!

    elle - wow! that sounds like heaven.

  7. I admit-I always bur refrigerated pie crust. I mean, graham cracker crust? Make it from scratch every time. But regular crust? I fail.

    I'm making this for Christmas supper. The end.

  8. erin - i'm the same. i'd like to try my hand at home-made crust, but i don't have the time and space. plus, trader joe's frozen crust is awesome. your family will love this pie at christmas - let me know how it goes! it's so easy!

  9. Whoa girl that pie looks incredible!!! Nice job!!!

  10. Drooling over here! You sold me when you said it was easy! And I totally agree - life is too short to make your own crust!

  11. Wow... this looks so delicious. I need to make a pie. I never have!

  12. this looks gooood. i so want to make but I'll probably ruin it.


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