Monday, December 5, 2011

on my weekend in pictures.

this weekend was about getting into the holiday spirit - decorating my apartment, buying some gifts, drinking hot chocolate and watching elf. it was a good way to welcome in the season.
decoration inspiration at the local irish pub.
wandering around the union square holiday market.
picked up lots of special nyc chocolate for my visit back to virginia.
hung my stockings by the chimney with care. except i don't have a chimney.
ending the weekend with homemade stew from a good friend.


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  2. and comment try #2... your weekend was perfectly Christmasy and looks so fun! We don't have a chimney either... so our stockings are hung on the hooks on our kitchen cart. Keepin' it classy around here.

  3. Looks wonderful! That pub is amazing. So red! And your outfit is all kinds of cute.

  4. Molly's Irish Pub for the win!

    I love that pic of you at the market, ps.

    What a pretty lady you are.

  5. Adorable little stocking fairy lights (and they look awesome hung around your trunk)! Our Christmas decorations went up yesterday so I am finally starting to feel festive.

  6. Once again, NYC looks so romantic. I love your pictures and your weekend.



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