Tuesday, December 13, 2011

on what makes it christmas.

i was thinking yesterday about what makes christmas, christmas. why those of us who celebrate the holiday can be so into it. if you didn't get any gifts, would it still be christmas? if you couldn't afford to get a christmas tree, would it still be christmas? if you couldn't bake cookies, or decorate, or listen to christmas carols, or go home for the holiday - would it still be christmas? i've spent a few christmases away from home, or feeling blue, and i can unequivocally say that it is who you are with. and i don't even mean that you spend the day with them - knowing that they are there, whether you get to talk to them on the phone, send a letter or spend time with them - makes it christmas. even if you are missing all of those traditional forms of the holiday, you can take comfort in your loved ones being close by. and i suppose that's what brings on the kindness and charity of the season. we know that not everyone gets to celebrate the holiday they way they see fit every year. we know because we've been on the other end sometimes - where a stranger's smile or a friend's gift of fresh-baked cookies means more than it should. even with all the hustle and bustle, i think people like nyc at christmas so much not just because of the decorations, but because it gets softer at the edges. people are a little kinder, and smile a bit more, to make the city more inviting. it's nice to know that even if christmas can't be everything it should be some years, the kindness of others will help the season still feel a bit festive.
what do you think makes christmas so special? what could you do without? what would you miss?


  1. Good insight on why people love NYC at Christmas. I definitely need the people to make it Christmas, whether it's just Caleb or all of my family.

  2. My family doesn't really celebrate Christmas so I honestly don't see most of those things... but I've read so many blog posts about Christmas that there's no doubt in my mind it's coming.

  3. The most important thing about Christmas for me is just being with my family and taking part in the traditions. Sure, the gifts are great, but I mostly just like hanging out, listening to Christmas music, making delicious food, and watching our favorite Christmas movies. It wouldn't be Christmas without my family!

  4. I totally agree with you, Christmas is all about who you are with. For the past couple of Christmases, it’s just been Jordan and I and we have loved every second. For us, it’s been about creating our own traditions and just spending the day relaxing and eating. Of course it would be great to spend the day with family but that isn’t possible for us so we make the day even more special and festive to overcome the homesickness!


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