Friday, January 27, 2012

on crazy times.

you guys. this has not been the week for my blog. i was traveling, i was getting home late, i was working late, i was working early.
seriously. happy friday. i have to be at work at 6 am. what?!
so i haven't had a lot of good stuff to add to our growing internet relationship. and for that, i am sorry. i'm going to try and plan better next week. so now, let's look at an awesome picture (an oldie but a goodie), wish each other a happy weekend, and hope this day ends quickly. can't wait to catch up on your blogs this weekend!
you knew my awesome picture was going to involve hot dogs, right?


  1. Lol! This picture made my day! Being at work at 6am? Ugh. There are just no words for how crappy that is! I hope your weekend is lovely and restful!

  2. That's sexy.

    Happy Friday, friend. Thank goodness the weekend is upon us.


  3. All that comes to mind is: twss.

    Hurry home and weekend yourself.

  4. Now I want a hot dog. Real bad.

    I hope your weekend slows down and you can relax!

  5. what be at work at 6am??!?! ugh! i would protest or quit and then i wouldn't have money to buy a yummy looking hot dog like the one in your photo

  6. sometimes our blogs need to take a back seat to real happens to me all the time. enjoy your weekend.


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