Wednesday, January 18, 2012

on loyalty.

martin luther king jr. via here.
oh loyalty. it is a very dear subject to me, and something i have consciously avoided talking about here because i'm not quite sure if i can put into words what i want to say. it is, above all other qualities we can possess, the most important to me. while i still don't know how i want to approach the subject, and i know this won't be the first time we talk about it, i do know where to start.
on monday, in america, we observed the a holiday in observance of martin luther king jr. an inspirational civil right leaders, and amazing orator, he said my favorite quote of all time.
"In the end, we remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." -- MLK Jr.
you see, when i first read this it made me realize that loyalty is not just staying true to someone. not cheating on a significant other, not talking about a good friend behind their back, not betraying your parents' trust - yes, those things make you loyal. but sometimes loyalty isn't just the act of not doing something, it's actually doing something. it's saying something back to the person who makes a joke at your friend's expense. it's telling our friend's spouse that the affair they're having is wrong. sometimes loyalty is just as much about taking action as opposed to not taking any at all. and i remember, after coming upon this quote, feeling so oblivious that i never really realized, or really understood that concept before. when people attack us, when people hurt us, when people betray us, and our friends look away because it's not their problem, because they're not the ones hurting us, because they don't want to get mixed up in it, well, that's even worse then the offender. and i know, and try, to be the friend who realizes that and takes action when it's called for. i don't want to be the silent friend.
what does loyalty mean to you?


  1. Oh this is deep and good and so true! I also think loyalty needs to stand the test of time... it's easy to be loyal for six months but six years is a little harder.

  2. I really love these thought-provoking posts you do. I can't say I have ever really thought about how important loyalty is to me, and you are right, it is so difficult to put into words. For me, loyalty means everything, it is the foundation for most of my relationships. I think I actually consider it the most important quality in a friend.

  3. Wow-this is incredible powerful stuff Colleen! I read the quote the first time and didn't realize what it was saying until reading your entire post! It's so true. You do remember when your friends just stand by and watch the wrong thing happen. Great post.


    Erin @


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