Friday, February 17, 2012

on zelda, who, by the way, is a badass.

in case you can't tell, she's pretty much a badass, as the title belies, and was known as "new york's oldest and most beloved night owl."
sidenote to self:
work on obtaining this title.
well a couple of days ago, zelda passed away. in fact, she was in the front row at a fashion show and right as it started she just slumped over and was gone (what a way to go!). she is known in nyc for being the old lady who basically never stopped. she still went out to the club at 90. she travelled to africa for charity work. she tried to keep up with the restaurant scene. she took the philosophy of never stop learning, doing, exploring...and lived it. and by all accounts, she had a pretty fun time doing it. so i'm heading into the weekend with the same spirit, and i'm going to try my hardest to keep it up. you only live once, so you better make it pretty good.
"I'm a curious person. I want to keep learning until it's over. And when it's over, it's over.'' - zelda kaplan


  1. Wow this lady was legit! Anyone who dies at 90-something at a fashion show has lived quite a life. Caleb and I always say we went to live hard until the end...getting old sucks so we're just going to pretend we're not old. and that quote of hers - perfect!

    1. right? she really never let up. i love that you and caleb feel the same way. just another reason you two are awesome.

  2. oh man, so many thoughts. but wow really sums it up.

  3. I have never heard of Zelda before, but I love her. I love her philosophy on life and I hope I take on the same mentality, at least to some extent.

    May she rest in peace!

  4. Wow--I've never heard of her! What an inspirational lady! I hope I'm half as cool as her when I'm 90. Heck, I wish I was half as cool as her now!

  5. I read about her yesterday, and thought what a badass she was. I can't imagine there was any other way she would have wanted to go.


  6. She was the ultimate badass! And yeah, what a way to go!

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog and the fact that you're following a blog that has "pugs" in the title = me sold as a follower :)

    Love this post and love Zelda!!!!

  8. So so amazing! Zelda look like she was my kind of gal! RIP.


    Erin @

  9. Colleen - your comment genuinely made my day! I try to bring the sass but I also am really a big softie who cries at Pammpers commercials and American Idol and sometimes I just want to leave comments with lots of "xoxoxoxoxo" and ":)" and "<3" to people who say nice things to me. But I won't muck up Zelda's post with that nonsense so I'll just say THANK YOU and leave it at that!

    PS :)


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