Wednesday, April 18, 2012

on lately.

oh my friends. my friends, my friends. it's getting to be that season. that season where i work longer hours. it comes four times a year. just like all the other seasons. and here are the things that are keeping me getting through the day.
1. using my bounty from the farmer's market to make pesto.
via here.
2. blue bottle's new orleans iced coffee.
the location that opened in rock center is rocking my world.
i get one of these every friday. if you have a blue bottle near you, or are visiting nyc, get one immediately. it's like a coffee milkshake. a life-changing coffee milkshake.
via here.
3. rediscovering nickel creek. i missed them.
via here.
4. ending the night with a few squares of dark chocolate. and...why was i not doing this before?
pic name pic name
5. pretending i own these incredibly weird, incredibly awesome, incredibly badass shoes. i know they're not for everyone, but damn. i love a good pair of weird shoes.
side note: i still spell weird wrong.
after all these years.
plain and simple - i've just never gotten it.
kind of weird.
yeah. bad pun.
and you?


  1. Thumbs down to working longer hours! But I love these things that are getting you through. I looked at Blue Bottle's website and now I want some of their coffee! Such a good idea to treat yourself with that every Friday. And every evening with some dark chocolate - definitely a good idea. I hope this season of long hours doesn't last too long!

  2. Longer hours suck. On the other hand, I'm glad to see you're looking at the positives to get you through it. Either that or you'll go insane!

  3. Boo for longer hours :( When I read about the culinary delights of New York, I know I need to come back!

  4. Oh my goodness, fresh pesto and that delicious looking iced coffee?? Sounds like pretty fantastic things to get you through the week!

  5. Oooh I could go for some dark chocolate right about now! xoxo

  6. YUM! I want to make pesto! That chocolate looks amazing as well-and I think we both deserve those shoes, don't you?!


    Erin @

  7. Good luck with the longer hours. Your reward at the end is that it'll be more spring-like outside! That pesto looks great-- I love the idea of walnuts instead of pine nuts. YUM!


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