Thursday, May 24, 2012

on adventures with friends (part 3}.

of course i'd be remiss if i didn't point out my favorite way of seeing one another (and something i mentioned last year): going to visit one another. and when you have a friend who's a west-coaster, it takes you on some great adventures.
she's come to visit me in philly. right before i graduated and i was still able to introduce her to a proper cheesesteak (hold the cheese).
i've gone to visit her in newport. i got to experience the beauty of southern california, and listen as she'd explain her struggles in trying to find the type of friends she wanted. and, i reminded her, the type of friends she deserved.
she's gone to nashville. where we went to the kentucky derby for the first time, and i was able to be there for her when she learned her grandmother had passed away.
i've gone to jackson hole. where we pretended the snake river was the french riviera, and we rode our bikes around town, and i enjoyed the smell of fresh air for the first time in months.
she's come to nyc. we've galavanted from uptown to downtown, and she's come out to long island to celebrate my cousin's high school graduation, meeting all my aunts and uncles and cousins without skipping a beat.
we've done a pretty good job at living in rad places, if i say so myself. we've created adventures everywhere we could, but through it all we've built a rock solid friendship, too. no picture or vista can match the wonderfulness of that.
independence hall newport beach
kentucky derby kentucky derby
jackson hole bar jackson hole
kissing a moose snake river


  1. Love love love! Oh, good friends! What a treasure!!

    I love the top right picture. I hope you have that one in a frame somewhere.

    And the bottom right one is a favorite too-- what awesome dresses!!

    1. we picked those up in Spain - we like to pretend we're fancy ;)

  2. You do live in some great places!! It just goes to show that distance can't keep a good friendship down. Here's to many more adventures!

  3. Friends like that are hard to come by. I love all the adventures you guys have had together. Makes me miss my BFF from college... Who I'm planning to visit in the next few months!

  4. Aaw! I love pictures of you both on the bus (note that the people behind you seem to be caught up in the moment too)!

    1. haha - so do i! i'm glad someone else noticed.

  5. You guys have lived in some pretty awesome places! Seriously you two look like so much fun - I'm jealous of all of your adventures and memories together! and I agree - those dresses in the last picture are awesome! I think that's my favorite picture :)


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