Friday, May 11, 2012

on being fabulous and affordable while eating dark chocolate.

i finally made a collection that is affordable to me. and you. and if you read this and you're a thousand-are, well then you can buy it all!
i would say everything is under a hundred bucks. but that would be a lie. because everything is under thirty bucks. except for two things (one under $50, one under $100. i gotta keep the dream alive, y'all!)
the ones i'm most likely to purchase? #1. definitely getting these. the studs featuring the color mint (i know, very original of me), $10, free shipping. done. #6. again the mint. thank you j. crew factory store! and let's tack #2 onto that shipment. lastly, #7. i'm hoping some of these are still at target. if not, ordering online it is. every single bangle in target's webster collection, from their shops collaboration, is ah-mah-zing. so very miami and so very art deco. i love miami and i'd love to have a reminder of it on my wrist.
the others are wonderful finds, but i know what you're thinking:
um, colleen, is that a random wine glass and a bar of dark chocolate?
why yes, my little observant friend, it is!
i broke another wine glass tonight (which is why i tend to buy the cheaper ones), and that one from bloomie's is under ten bucks and is perfect with it's thin stem and dishwasher safe status. and i've been eating one square (not bar) of dark chocolate a night to satisfy my sweet tooth but cut down on sugar and fat, all at the same time! and if you disagree with that assessment, i urge you to take your internet business elsewhere.
have a fabulous, affordable weekend. eat a square for me.
My Favorite (Cheap) Things


  1. I want #1, #2, and #6. Mint, baby!! I'm all over it!

    And I'll take a square. Probably 2.

    Happy weekend, Colleen!

  2. Awesome, yet affordable picks! Love #2, and #4! Oh and maybe #9 as well :) I'll take a square, you don't have to ask me twice!

  3. I don't even need the wine. Give me a #10 and no one gets hurt. Enjoy the weekend!!

  4. I'm having a square right now. Cheers!

  5. Lol! I break wineglasses all the time too! We buy really cheap ones and then take bets on how long they would last (one lasted all of 1 minute!). Love love love your picks! No 9 will be mine!

  6. Such a great, actually cheap, collection! So refreshing for us ladies on a budget. I'll trade you a square of chocolate for another glass of wine :)


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