Wednesday, May 16, 2012

on an italian classic.

i know. another recipe. can you believe it?! i feel like with all this rain i have been in housewife overdrive. a housewife to myself. i've cooked, cleaned and done laundry all in the same night. rain is the single, childless person's impetus for nesting.
growing up with an italian mother, sausage and peppers were nothing new. my mom usually browned the sausage, then threw it together with some peppers and onions and let it roast and cook in the oven at a low temperature. it's delicious. but not really an option during the weekday. enter my favorite alternative recipe. i found this random recipe on the internet when i first moved to nyc and i don't know if it's the oregano, or the wine, but it's delicious.
i never put in the red onion like the recipe calls for - it just doesn't seem right. and i cut out the dried basil and doubled up on oregano - i just love the oregano in this dish and the basil didn't really add anything. i used sweet italian chicken sausage, which saved me some calories and saturated fat over the pork option. you can use any sausage you want, but i recommend sticking to a sweet or spicy italian sausage depending on your palate.
sidenote: do you notice i change a lot of ingredients in recipes?
no red onion.
parm instead of guyere.
so on and so forth.
sorry if that's annoying.
i only stick to the script when i'm baking.
first - brown the sausages.
this takes about five minutes in a hot pan. sometimes i put in a little olive oil if i find the sausages are sticking to the pan. set those to the side, and add the butter, onion and garlic to the pan.
after a few minutes, add in the peppers, oregano and wine.
then, make a mental note that you need a bigger skillet.
to help these cook a bit faster i usually put the lid on the skillet. in about ten to twenty minutes your peppers should be softened and starting to brown. lower the heat and add the sausage back in.
cover again and simmer for fifteen minutes - then you're done. fairly straight forward. and this recipe makes a few servings - have it by itself, with a side salad or some roasted potatoes, or make it into sandwich (a popular choice). the next day i usually cut up a sausage and some peppers and add to tomato sauce and spaghetti. it's a totally different meal and all you had to do was boil some noodles. i like any dish that allows me to cook one weeknight and get a few, very different dinners out of it.
and, because i forgot the wine in the ingredient picture (the most important ingredient!), here's a picture for you. yup. that's right. that's all the counter space i have in my kitchen.
the things i do for you new york, you old broad.


  1. this looks delicious! I love the idea of eating it plain with a side on the first night, and then adding it to spaghetti sauce the next night. and I'm pretty sure since you changed so many ingredients in this one, you could easily call it your own recipe. Colleen's Italian Sausage Magic. There ya go

  2. YES to chicken sausages with onion and peppers! Yesssssss!!!

    My mouth is watering with this one. I love this dish.

  3. You won't hear me complaining to see another recipe! As ever, this looks delicious - perfect for mid week! (P.S I didn't think I would find someone with less counter space than me!)

  4. Sounds pretty great - although I don't eat meat. Maybe a fake meat version for me! Have so much fun in Italy!!


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