Thursday, May 3, 2012

on a photo a day.

i did it again last month! and i'm doing it again this month. march was definitely my worst month, in terms of photos taken, by far. nothing will beat january, but i guess the bloom is off the rose. and so it goes and so it goes.
sidenote: brian is on instagram.
he doesn't take tons of photos.
but he's got a great eye.
do it.
here are some of my favorites.
day 2 - color.
day 3 - mail.
day 6 - lunch.
day 11 - where you ate breakfast.
day 16 - flower.
day 27 - somewhere you went.
day 28 - 1 PM.
day 30 - something that makes you sad {the last bite of hot dog}.


  1. Oh, instagram. What in the world would we have done without you?

    The shoes are killer. But you knew that already.


  2. My favourite is the picture of where you ate your breakfast! It looks so warm and inviting, the perfect place to sit and start the day!

  3. You had such beautiful pictures last month. I started it for the first time in april but lost it in the middle. I'm back again for may and am hoping for better follow through. I'm sad for the last bite of any meal. Especially my pop tart.

  4. How was I not following you before?? I have corrected this problem. :)

  5. Naturally, my favorites are the FOOD FOTOS. ;)

  6. BRIAN!!!! Love that you say his name now. And also, I totally know him. Holllaaaaa.

    Also, as you know, instagram ROCKS. MY. WORLD. In the best and worst way.

    Love your pics this month-- I always especially love your pics of the Hudson!

  7. Colleen, I love those shoes and your picture of 1pm. I am quite sure that you and I would be great friends!



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